Poll Shows Detrick With Lead in Elk Grove City Council Race But Unknown Entity Taunts, Challenges

August 24, 2016 |

An online poll that concluded yesterday showed Elk Grove City Councilman Steve Detrick with a substantial lead over two opponents for the city's District 3 seat.

The unscientific poll that was conducted over a six day period drew 160 respondents. Of those respondents, 109, or 68-percent, said that if the vote were held today for the seat, they would select Detrick.

Detrick who was unopposed in the 2012, is seeking his third four-year term on the City Council. This year two candidates, Maureen Craft and Vincent Neuburger, have entered the race.

Of the two candidates, both of whom to this point have little name recognition with Elk Grove voters, Craft garnered the most support. Craft had 35 respondents, or 21-percent who said they would vote for her.

The third candidate, Vincent Neuburger barely registered garnering only one vote. Additionally, eight respondents or five-percent choose none of the candidates, and  seven, or four-percent were undecided.

Although Detrick has name recognition and financial advantages over his two opponents, one unaligned Twitter user with the handle @ProtectElkGrove has implied their support for Craft and taunted Detrick promising mailers will be sent to Elk Grove voters highlighting his controversies with the California Fair Political Practices.

Below are some of the tweets from @ProtectElkGrove. This social media account is not believed to be affiliated with the anti-casino group also known as ProtectElkGrove.com.

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