Stockton Woman Kidnapped, Ex-Boyfriend Tries Running Her Over

January 1, 2017 |   

Stockton, Calf. - A man was arrested by Stockton Police after allegedly kidnapping his former girlfriend and then trying to run her over.

Shortly after midnight, the adult female victim was on the 6500 block of Pacific Avenue in the Lakeview District when her ex-boyfriend, 31-year old Clifford Meyers, appeared. Meyers allegedly grabbed her by the hair and forced her into his vehicle.

After the abduction, Myers reported drove around Stockton hitting her as they proceeded. Upon arriving in the area of DaVinci and March lanes, she escaped and ran to an unrelated citizen. 

At this point Meyers attempted to run her and the citizen as he fled in her vehicle. Responding Officers later located Meyers nearby, and was taken into custody on kidnapping and carjacking charges after he attempted to flee.

There is no booking information currently available. 

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