Elk Grove News Minute - Another appointment coming to the Elk Grove City Council?

A high-placed source in Elk Grove’s political underground related a plot to appoint yet another Elk Grove city council member.

The scheme will need to be executed by this summer and could happen like this.


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Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Eye on Elk Grove said...

If this scenario is true, I think it is disgraceful that four Elk Grove City Council members continue to highjack democracy in Elk Grove, denying the people their constitutional right to vote for their elected officials.

What gives them the right to act in such an autocratic manner? What are they so afraid of in trying to secure the District 3 seat for the next “Chosen One?” These four people seem to operate as a city council that is just a click of self-entitled elitists, bought and paid for, with special-interest agendas as their marching orders.

We have seen it happen three election cycles in a row, and we cannot allow it to occur again.

And the irony of it all is that thousands of voters wanted Steve Detrick out of office, and now in order to ensure a fair election in 2020, he must stay in office and finish out his term. That is what the thousands of voters who voted for him should insist upon.

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