Elk Grove News Podcasts - The city council's smartest guy miscalculates

A few years ago, a documentary was released about the Enron scandal called The Smartest Guys in the room. It told the story of the hubris of people like Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. The title was apt because the Enron criminals thought they were smarter than everybody.

And for a while they were. Then things collapsed. 

Although not criminally motivated like the Enron crew, the Elk Grove city council has a member who consistently reminds people – by waving his education credentials around, especially compared to his city council colleagues, that He is the smartest guy on the council, maybe all of the city hall too.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

At the rate Suen is freefalling, he will have to buy a campaign plane like Mayor Ly and spray District 1 with "noxious amnesia gas" to save his seat next election!


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