STA poll shows support by Elk Grove residents of extending Sacramento Regional Transit's Light Rail to city

Several years ago, current California State Assemblymember and former Elk Grove City Councilmember Jim Cooper said if he had his way, Sacramento Regional Transit's Light Rail service would never be extended to the city's residents. Notwithstanding Cooper's opposition, if a recently conducted survey is any guide, it indicates Light Rail service is what city residents want for their future transit needs.

That survey was conducted by the Sacramento Transit Authority who is gauging county-wide support for a sales tax to fund a variety of transportation needs. The STA is a multi-jurisdictional agency formed in 1988 following approval of Measure A, the half-percent sales tax for county transportation improvements.    

The study asked respondents for their views on a variety of transportation issues. While residents through the region expressed concern about traffic congestion, Elk Grove residents said they overwhelming support extending Sacramento Transit's Light Rail service or additional express bus services to Elk Grove.

When asked about plans, 50-percent of respondents said extending Light Rail from its terminus at Cosumnes Community College or expanded express bus services to Elk Grove was either extremely important or very important. By comparison, 46-percent said the same for extending Kammererer Road between Hwy. 99 and I-5 and 28-percent for the construction of an interchange at Whitelock Parkway and Hwy. 99 (see results below). 

The survey was conducted by the STA to see if there is sufficient support for a one-half-percent sales tax to support a variety of projects. The complete survey is here. 

For any tax to receive approval, it must meet a 67-percent threshold, which, according to the survey, is not currently achievable. The margin of error ranges from a low of 4.7-percent in unincorporated Sacramento County to 8.6-percent in Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova.

The STA board will discuss the survey at their regular meeting on Thursday, November 14. Vice Mayor Pat Hume represents Elk Grove. 

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