Elk Grove News Minute - Good deeds are best done in silence

As the 2019 Holiday season winds down, it is worth noting this is the time of year when charitable giving reaches its peak. Giving to charity is admirable, but many people might have less than altruist motivations.    

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Connie said...
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Connie said...

Happy New Year EGN!

I will add to your minute regarding the elected official you reference as that comment was also made to me.

When that exact comment was made to me, the elected official was writing a check for about $750 from his personal checking account at an Elk Grove Food Bank Harvest of Hope event. I was standing with him at the time. When I commented that I was impressed, unlike his peers, he wasn’t taking the money from his campaign account – meaning giving away people’s money – is when he made that exact comment to me that, “charitable giving has to hurt a bit,” and “one must be quiet about it for it to be true giving.” He also said he would never give from his campaign account because it is wrong.

One look at the 460s will tell you exactly whom that elected official isn’t. You will not find one charitable item as opposed to many of the others, one in particular, who constituently brags from the dais about his phenomenal altruistic giving; only to note that it came from their respective campaign accounts which, of course, is never stated.

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