Elk Grove News Podcasts - Ly outwits Suen & Detrick; exposes Brown Act violations?

In politics, sometimes battles are waged in subtle ways that aren’t immediately visible. Such was the case in a battle waged by Elk Grove City Councilman Darren Suen and Vice Mayor Steve Detrick against Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly.

In this episode, we trace the battle which ended up with Ly outsmarting his city council colleagues Suen and Detrick.

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

After 12 years on the Elk Grove City Council, one would think Steve "The Mentor" Detrick would totally understand what constitutes a violation of The Ralph M. Brown Act.

City Attorney Jon Hobbs certainly does which is why he jumped on Detrick's comments so quickly. But too late! Detrick already stepped right into it with his "majority of the council" serial meeting statement.

I think we need to see Detrick's results of his AB 1234 mandatory ethics training test. Oh never mind, his actions over the past 12 years should be a clear indicator of how well he did.


And bravo to Denessa Atiles for her public comment!

Spoons and Forks said...

Steve Detrick was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but this shows his dullness. If it were not his pre-meeting briefings, he would look even duller.

Good riddance, and let's work to get someone with greater sharpness on the city council once he water skis into the sunset. Of course, with the other four obtuse council members, a junior high drop out would be an improvement.

OrganicBananas said...

Not one of the 5 of them really understands the Brown Act, in particular the kinds of actions the City Council or its Members can take in response to public comments by a member of the public on an item NOT on the agenda. The City Attorney doesn't understand this either. I discussed it with him and the City Manager at City Hall on January 30 and it was clear.
Detrick's lack of understanding of the Brown Act is no worse than the other 4's. Where he is MUCH better than the other 4 is his willingness to at least acknowledge public comments. The other 4 sit there like a bunch of potted plants, sworn to silence. They do not say a word, no matter what the public comment is, unless it is an easy and obvious issue like limiting new permits for retailers of tobacco. I find it completely disrespectful that they do not even acknowledge what we say on "controversial" issues or any time we recommend something that they were not already going to do.

Steve L said...

I find this entire scenario of events very troubling. EGNews.net has laid out a pretty convincing case that the Brown Act has been violated and that the majority of the city council were willing participants in the illegal violation. That said, I think it's imperative that we hear from each of the four members of the council as to their thoughts, their acts and their mindsets as they relate to this issue.

To simply charge them with such a violation with no opportunity to defend themselves would be draconian in nature and a failure of democratic and fair principles of which our country was founded.

I would ask that the city clerk place this item on the next council agenda to assure all parties have a fair opportunity to be heard and defend themselves. Failure by any of the parties to abide by the request will allow everyone in EG to draw their own conclusions as to the veracity and intent of the parties.

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