COVID19 Emergency rules loosened in Elk Grove, restaurants allowed to add, expand existing outdoor dining

COVID-19 Downtown Norfolk Dining Updates

As Sacramento County has started to loosen the COVID19 health orders, the City of Elk Grove has announced it will allow restaurants to expand or establish outdoor dining.

In their announcement this afternoon, the city issued the order ahead of Sacramento County's order to reestablish inside dining. The city's order will allow restaurants with existing outdoor dining to expand and those without the opportunity to start an outdoor service. 

To qualify, the restaurants can submit a no-cost application to the city’s Public Works Department. the application must include a plan showing how they will configure space for outdoor dining. Businesses within privately owned property, such as the Sheldon Inn on Grant Line Road, can do so without a permit, as long as they adhere to program requirements. 

“It’s important to do whatever we can to support our local businesses and protect the health and safety of the community,” Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly said. “Social distancing measures require restaurants to reduce their indoor dining capacities – in some cases by half what they would normally accommodate."

According to the city, conditions for the program are as follows:

·   Dining areas cannot block vehicle or pedestrian traffic or impede ADA access.
·   Temporary fencing not exceeding three (3) feet tall must be placed around the area.
·   Dining tables must be placed to allow six-foot (6’-0”) social distancing between groups of customers. Customers in the same household dining together are counted as one group.
·       Unless hours of operation are expressly extended or restricted by the permit, hours of operation for outdoor uses shall coincide with their normal hours of operation.
·   Amplified sound is not allowed.
·  Temporary signage can be used to designate the use of public property for outdoor dining.
·    Restaurants must comply with all applicable State and County laws and regulations pertaining to outdoor dining (including but not limited to sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages) under this provision.

This program is available until the local emergency is terminated. Businesses that use public property under this permitting program must return the property to its original condition upon the conclusion of their use.

In the announcement, the city did not say when they expect applications to start being approved or when outdoor dining can begin.  

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