Elk Grove News Minute - Has Darren Suen's weak STA leadership doomed Measure A?

This November Sacramento County voters will be asked to approve Sacramento Transportation’s Authority’s Measure A – an $8 billion tax increase during the COVID19 economic depression.

The success of the measure falls in large part on the STA chair, Elk Grove city council member Darren Suen.

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

In recent day’s you can be reasonably assured Mr. Suen has been upset with the media attention received. While this segment and Mr. Shergill’s opinion piece has been unflattering, if Mr. Suen is smart, which he claims to be, these critiques’ can help him in a less than obvious way.

I have observed when Mr. Suen takes heavy criticism, he tends to clam-up during council meetings. That could be his saving grace.

Given Mr. Suen’s self-proclaimed intellectual superiority to all of his city council colleagues, much less Elk Grove voters and citizens, when he is not under scrutiny, he is glib, and he thinks no one is paying attention or will understand to his self-serving ideas. Prime examples are his “Darren-mandering” scheme or his advocacy for the recent proclamation for a person who was described by several women of color during Wednesday night’s city council meeting as something just short of Orval Faubus or Jesse Helms.

If Mr. Suen is to survive his reelection bid this November, he would be best served to, as Mr. Mark Graham has described the city council, to act like a potted plant on the dais.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

What happened to Darren Suen? He had such promise circa 2008. Or maybe I do. . .he has liken himself and has become a clone of "The Mentor" and can't seem to find the backbone to ever disagree with "The Pink Flamingo."

Both Detrick and Hume have used Suen's weaknesses to do their dirty work for them so they can just sit back and let him take the fall.

“A man never reaches that dizzy height of wisdom when he can no longer be led by the nose.” — Mark Twain

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