Letter to the Editor; Still Leery about Leary!

Dear Editor: Re: www.elkgrovenews.net Elk Grove News article entitled, "Cooper, Leary to go unchallenged?" (April 1, 2008) Unfo...

Dear Editor:

Re: www.elkgrovenews.net Elk Grove News article entitled, "Cooper, Leary to go unchallenged?" (April 1, 2008)

Unfortunately, your post on April 1st was no joke, but taking a trip down “ Leary Lane ” by clicking on your links which leads us to Jason Daniel's www.eyesofargus.net, I had nightmares of local politics past and by all accounts, with respect to Michael Leary, still present. (But you have to love Linda Ford’s “Leary Cockroach Letter." That one is a keeper and then some.)

Hopefully, “Leary Revisited” only validates why we need a candidate who will take him on. After all, in the 2006 election, even with all his developer money, and Mary Addie spending only $5,000 of her own money, she almost beat him. (Even more reason for run-off elections; 50 plus one, factoring out the ringers and Leary would probably have lost.)

Good news though, BIA political consultant and puppet master, Richie Ross, will be busy running Heather Fargo’s campaign, trying to keep Kevin Johnson from riding his NBA fame right into Sacramento mayor’s seat. Leary will probably hire BIA political director/lobbyist/employee Ardie Zahedani to run his campaign again, as he did in 2004.

I still believe, as reported in the past and on one of the links in a post by Jason Daniel, this is a conflict of interest. Zahedani, as he has in the past many times, and even as recent as the last city council meeting, lobbied before the city council asking for developer fees to be deferred, stating that he had requested the current agenda item. Leary was so arrogant; he flipped on his microphone and boasted on the record that he was the one who asked the item be agendized. So there is the nexus, Zahedani asked and Leary delivered!

However, as in the past elections, don’t look for Renyen & Bardis to come running to the rescue with the big contributions and last minute independent expenditures like they did in 2006. R&B can’t pay their 1.9 million dollar Elk Grove tax bill and their headquarters in Rancho Cordova is up for sale. Sid Dunmore’s check will bounce, and if any contributions are received from Dunmore anyway, those funds should be turned over to the homeowners in Laguna Ridge, whose “Welcome Wagon” gifts were liens and lawsuits because Dunmore left everyone high and dry.

All the big developers are reporting big losses, so where is Leary going to get his money? Like his good friend, former Elk Grove Councilman Dan Briggs, is Leary going to self fund? He sold his business (which he denied owning because it is again the law for him to do so) Ernie’s Liquors for a million dollars.

But something is definitely up and it isn’t Leary’s ethics. As reported on his last 460 Campaign Disclosure Statement, Leary spent almost $11,000 on liquor at Circle Seven Wine & Liquors, owned by his former Ernie’s Liquors partner, for a fundraiser. Big red flag here: Why is Leary, for a fundraiser, spending that much money for a city council seat that didn’t garner Leary even tip money in contributions?

Moreover, if so much alcohol was consumed, $11K is a lot of booze, I certainly hope someone was collecting keys at the door. And who was on the guest list? I hope none of them were Leary’s fellow officers at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness, and Leary’s boss, issued a loud order that he will not tolerate any more of his officers and their DUIs.

And Linda, I will take that can of Raid now, because if Elk Grove residents aren’t still “leery” about “Leary,” they should be!

Constance Conley

Elk Grove, CA

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