KT, Leary running as a slate?

KT Khanh sends e-mail indicating that he and Leary running as a ticket Today the KT Khanh campaign sent Elk Grove News a series of interesti...

KT Khanh sends e-mail indicating that he and Leary running as a ticket

Today the KT Khanh campaign sent Elk Grove News a series of interesting e-mails regarding his campaign.

The first e-mail (all are unedited) said the following:
KT will attend Michael Leary's fund raising tonight at 11th / J Street
as Leary's VIP guest. Leary has pledged support for KT's greentech and
energy plan.

Leary is going green with KT bringing greentech jobs and fuel-cell
auto plant to Elk Grove.

The second e-mail reads as follows:
I came to the popular J Street seafood spot, McCormick & Schmicks event held for Michael Leary as his guest. I met many people and spoke
about my fuel cell and energy plan for Elk Grove City. They all seem
to be very fine people supporting their causes and wanting to create
and bring jobs. Both I and Leary spoke together about our agreement on
fuel cell auto plant and bring greentech jobs to Elk Grove. In fact,
we agree to help our causes by combining some resources to get the
greentech economy and jobs message out to Elk Grove. I had agree to
let Leary uses our proprietary email database to deliver his message
to Sacramento region/Elk Grove cyberspace. Leary's campaign agrees to
explore space on their mailer which will include me (KT) and Leary in
a joint green message to Elk Grove. We both want to bring thousands of
new jobs to Elk Grove. Together we both want to fill those empty
foreclosure homes with people wanting to live here and work here.

I feel that Leary has adopted and the vision that I have for Elk Grove
and he is ready to support the greentech industrial plan as long as we
can bring jobs to Elk Grove. I am very glad that Leary decided to go
green with me. I had a conversation previously with Detrick and I do
not feel that he is green enough for me. The conversation led me to
believe my greentech plan will stall if Detrick is elected instead of
Leary. Iworked with Leary in the past and I know he is the kind of
guy that gets thing done. As for Leary's personal historical issue
which his oponent is trying to use for their favor, I will stay out of
it. However, I recommended to Leary to allow his opponent to continue
staying in his past while we (Leary and KT) steam towards the future
making Elk grove a better place to live and work.

Leary and KT, the Green team, to bring the new era of fuel cell
automative innovation and industrialization to Elk Grove. Our ultimate
goal is real jobs, good jobs, and high-paying for Elk Grove. Jobs that
we need and products that we produce are made in America for
Americans. It starts here in Elk Grove, CA USA.



In the final e-mail, Khanh seems to distance himself from the influence of the BIA.

My campaign will not take any donation from major donor. a
representative of North State BIA asked why. I said because I had
agreed and told the voters that I am running this with my own merit,
but is hopeful for some free press. So our campaign will run rich on
free press, share press, but will be very low on purchasing power aka


No word from the Leary campaign on the Khanh-Leary ticket.

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Anonymous said...

You'd think Leary would have coached KT in using proper grammar, and at least tried to make the scripted hit on Detrick a little less scripted. Someone is getting desparate........

Anonymous said...

One cannot hold email messages to the same standard as APA writing. Email and texting commonly have grammar and spelling errors. LOL

Anonymous said...

Stop it with the SPAM KT!

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