Sensing Vulnerability, Lungren Backpedals on Stimulus Vote

On Tuesday, the much anticipated funds for so-called ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects made their first appearance in Sacramento Cou...

On Tuesday, the much anticipated funds for so-called ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects made their first appearance in Sacramento County with ceremonies for a Rancho Cordova road improvement project.

One of the dignitaries on hand was the California 3rd Congressional district representative, Republican Dan Lungren. At a nearby press conference, Lungren said he was pleased with the project.

Lungen, a longtime deficit hawk, said that he thought spending on “simple infrastructure” was laudable. Lungren voted against President Obama’s stimulus package that won approval last winter.

Lungren’s change of heart might be related to the fact that the Democratic Congressional Candidate (DCCC) has identified that Lungren as vulnerable to defeat in the 2010 congressional midterm elections. Indeed, Obama won the traditionally Republican 3rd district last fall and Lungren was unable to win a majority in his victory over under-funded opponent, Dr. Bill Durston. 

The irony of Lungren’s statement was not lost on the DCCC’s Western Region press secretary Andy Stone.

“After just saying no to the economic recovery package, then returning home to promote its benefits, Congressman Dan Lungren’s pattern of saying one thing in Washington and something different in California is crystal clear,” said Stone. “Two different times, Lungren could have supported the Coloma Rd. project and other road projects throughout Sacramento and Amador Counties, but both times he voted no.”

While there are no announced opponents for Lungren’s party nomination, three Democrats, Dr. Ami Bera of Elk Grove, Elk Grove City Council member Gary Davis and SMUD director Bill Slaton are seeking their party’s nomination to challenge the Gold River Republican.

While serving as Elk Grove's mayor during 2008, Davis said it was it became obvious to him that Lungren was stuck in a "philosophical rut and won't engage the community." 

"I am running for Congress in order to bring a laser focus on jobs and rebuilding our local economy," Davis said. 

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How is this flip flopping?

Lungren always stated he was for infrasture investment. He voted against the stimulus because the some of the whole was worse than the parts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Carpetbagger also equals Gary Davis
From Ranco to Natomas to Elk Grove. Wonder what the next stop will be?

Insania said...

Frustrating that our stimulus only means build or repair more roads, and subsidize more new car buying.

No only federal stimulus, but Elk Grove $500-buy-local-stimulus as well. The whole point is to sell more Auto Mall cars.

So at the end of this so-called recession all we're gonna get is more auto dependency...promoting more suburban sprawl...which is a millstone around our Elk Grovian neck. We will perpetually require new growth to bring in revenues to support the old growth. This is an unsustainable paradigm, and if we don't make the hard choices now to stem our city's overwhelming dependence on car and retail sales, this city will fall even farther over the cliff.

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