Bee Story on Detrick Damaging to Scherman? Elk Grove?

Second time in a week Elk Grove black-eyed by Scherman In today’s Sacramento Bee, there was a story on Elk Grove’s newest city council m...

Second time in a week Elk Grove black-eyed by Scherman

In today’s Sacramento Bee, there was a story on Elk Grove’s newest city council member, Steve Detrick.

The focus of the story was on the recent ethics charge violation investigation against Detrick brought by proponents of the controversial St. Maria Goretti church project. As was pointed out, the $4,000-plus investigation found no act of wrongdoing on Detrick’s part regarding his vote and comments regarding the recently approved church project.

While Detrick apologized for the misunderstanding his comments caused, fellow council members Jim Cooper and Gary Davis defended him.

Cooper said the incident was “overblown” and said he saw no malicious intent. "My big issue is, every time something happens where there is a disagreement, we're going to have an investigation. And that's not right,” Cooper said.

Both council members said the investigation was unnecessary with Davis making this more direct assessment of the investigation.
"Hiring an attorney and doing a formal investigation of anything that anybody brings to light, even if it's personal, could set a course for an extremely dysfunctional council, where at every meeting we're asked to weigh in on whether another council member is doing their job right," Davis said.

For his part Detrick said “what happened to me (because of) the executive team and the mayor in my opinion was truly unethical and unprofessional."

When Mayor Sophia Scherman was asked about the matter, who unitlaterally approved the investigation, not surprising she passed the buck. Scherman said she "was advised by the city attorney (Susan Cochrane) that as the mayor I had the authority to request the investigation."

Rather standing up and saying she believed the investigation was needed, Scherman naturally makes another evasive move and points to Cochrane’s advise for her justification.

It is one thing for Scherman to seek Cochran’s advice and then go forth with the investigation. It is quite another thing for Scherman to hire an investigating attorney then to point to Cochran as the reason for the decision.

Scherman’s actions are demonstrative of her complete lack of leadership. A good leader will not blame subordinate even when it is their fault, which in this case it isn’t.

This comes on top of Scherman’s addle-minded comments last week regarding the possibility the Elk Grove Promenade becoming an outlet mall.

Scherman has given Elk Grove another black eye. We deserve better leadership than this.

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Malleus Codex said...


Casper said...

Recall all, no leadership in Elk Grove. They are all bought and paid for by someone.

Bruno said...

Poor Steve Detrick. He can't follow the code of ethics he championed with his activists. Funny how when the law applies to you it is wrong.
Hypocricy at its worst. If tables were turned, I have no doubt that the torches would be marched at City Hall for recall. Let's just be consistent.

James said...

I remember listening to Steve Detrick call for the removal of a City Charter Commissioner for breaking the code of ethics. I guess when he wants it to be in effect it is ok but when it applies to him it is only voluntary.

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