Elk Grove City Council to ask Sacramento County Grand Jury to Investigate Council Member Pat Hume

BREAKING The Elk Grove City Council agreed to ask the Sacramento Grand Jury to consider an investigation of fellow council member Pat ...


The Elk Grove City Council agreed to ask the Sacramento Grand Jury to consider an investigation of fellow council member Pat Hume during tonight's city council meeting.

Hume recused himself from the deliberations.

The matter concerns allegations that Hume had threatened a former girlfriend and her family, Elk Grove resident Constance Conley. The matter was originally brought up for council consideration last month by council member Jim Cooper who at the time said the allegations against Hume rose to the level warranting an investigation.

Although a complaint had been filed with Elk Grove Police and referred to the Sacramento County District Attorney's office, the ensuing investigation determined that the threats made by Hume toward Conley probably would not be enough to garner a guilty verdict if a criminal trial proceeded.

After hearing pointed criticism of Hume and Mayor Sophia Scherman during the public comment portion of the matter, Cooper opened up council deliberations by suggesting that the matter might best be handled by seeking a Grand Jury investigation. Originally the matter was placed on the agenda to consider the formation of an ad hoc committee of two council members to see if Hume had violated the city's code of ethics.

After Cooper's brief remarks, Council Member Gary Davis said he was "embarrassed to be put in this position" by Hume.

"It displays poor judgment of an elected official," Davis said. "We can't let this fall on deaf ears."

Mayor Sophia Scherman tried to brush off the allegations against Hume and downplay the significance of a possible Grand Jury investigation.

"This is nothing new," she said.

Scherman also directed sarcastic remarks to the four public speakers who spoke on the matter prior to council deliberations.

"If that's the pleasure of the [community]activist," she said. "So be it."

Among the four who spoke on the matter, the most pointed comments came from Elk Grove resident Steve Lee. Citing Scherman's penchant for relating her personal tales of abuse at the hand of a former husband and her avid and long-time support of anti-abuse groups such as WEAVE and Chicks in Crisis, Lee said Scherman's lack of support or curiosity of the abuse allegations against Hume were inconsistent with her public persona.

"You are an embarrassment and hypocrite," Lee said. "What kind of backroom politics is going on."


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SacramentoCrash said...

Elk Grove is a joke. Run by a bunch of amateurs for the hoi polloi that washed in from the Bay Area.

Phillip Stark said...


I admit to fully supporting Mr. Lee's comment regarding Ms. Scherman:

"You are an embarrassment and hypocirite"

Nicely done that!

As to the rest...well... guess time will tell.

Malleus Codex said...

Hume and Scherman must go ASAP...VOTE THEM OUT AS SOON AS YOU CAN ! ! ! !

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