Jimmie Johnson Candidate Statement: Elk Grove City Council District 4

As residents of Elk Grove, we know how great our little town can be – however, we also know just how far we currently are from that potentia...

As residents of Elk Grove, we know how great our little town can be – however, we also know just how far we currently are from that potential… and that we are getting farther and farther every day. Simply put, we know that Elk Grove is on the wrong tract.


In the past 4 years, violent crime has tripled, and overall crime has doubled, in Elk Grove. Yet, the City Council has budgeted only half the state average of police officers to protect our streets. As long as the City Council continues to under-staff our police force, crime will continue to rise.

I propose hiring an additional 100 police officers over the next five years. These extra 100 police officers will still leave Elk Grove far short of the state average, but will nonetheless dramatically improve our ability to protect our families. In order to pay for these officers, I propose an immediate spending freeze (aside from cost-of-living-adjustments) on all non-crime related expenditures. As city revenues naturally increase with an expanding population and eventual turn in the economy, all increased revenue must be dedicated to funding these additional officers.

For the past four years, Incumbent Gary Davis has not made this commitment to the families of Elk Grove.


In the past 4 years, businesses have abandoned Elk Grove for other communities due to our sky-high business fees and suffocating regulations. One businessman recently admitted that he is closing his Elk Grove store because of “all the hoops and fees you have to endure here.” In Elk Grove, he had to pay nearly $10,000 and appear at City Hall nine times in order to try to get a license – and still did not get it. In Folsom, on the other hand, he only had to pay a quick $5,000 fee and make a couple of trips to the Business counter to fill out the necessary paperwork. As long as the City Council continues to make it difficult for businesses to open in Elk Grove, our town will continue to lose jobs to nearby communities.

In this economy, Elk Grove needs to aggressively compete with cities in the surrounding area to attract the few available businesses. The only way we can do this is by offering these businesses a better deal than our competitors. We must offer lower fees and less hassle. To this end, I propose an immediate, across-the-board cut of all business fees so that Elk Grove charges less than any other city in the area. I also propose that we adopt the same business regulations and services employed by Folsom and the other nearby communities that our currently out-competing us for new businesses and jobs.

For the past four years, Incumbent Gary Davis has failed to implement such business-friendly measures.


In the past 4 years, the City Council has set out on wasting $85 million on a new City Hall complex. The City staff has also recently admitted that it was wasting $600 thousand per year on excessive workers’ compensation insurance payments. As long as the City Council continues to waste our tax dollars on unnecessary projects and excessive payments, we will continue to be unable to afford the necessities of police officers and lower business fees. I propose an immediate stop to the City Hall complex project. Whatever funds are currently dedicated to the project should be re-employed to creating an economic development zone on the same site where the new city hall would have been located. I also propose an immediate audit of all city payments by an independent, third-party accounting firm – with full disclosure of all findings to the public. We need to make sure the people of Elk Grove are getting the most out of their tax dollars.

For the past four years, Incumbent Gary Davis has not taken these steps to protect our money.

The past four years - skyrocketing crime, closing businesses, and wasteful government spending. Incumbent Gary Davis has dropped the ball on all of these accounts. It’s time for a change. It’s time to remove Incumbent Gary Davis and bring in fresh leadership who will get Elk Grove back on tract.

Jimmie Johnson
The Change We Need…

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Unknown said...

I'm a little confused on this post as it relates to JOBS. Mr. Johnson states that an Elk Grove businessman/woman recently closed their door due to the fact that they could not obtain a business license even though they paid $10,000 in fees. So, if I understand this corrctly, this person opened his business here "without" a business license. Seems like the bus owner may have had the issues here, not the City.

Additionally, isn't Mr. Johnson the candidate that brought forth the "no negative" campaigning mantra for this campaign and now is the only only one disparaging his oppenent?

I'm confused.

Josh said...

No offense but when you spout off numbers like tripled and doubled you sound like you are making it up as you go along.

You make a lot of claims.. how about a few *s and a few sources quoted so we know you aren't just pulling numbers out of the air.

Josie said...

How unfortunate you could not have given your statement as the other two did...without ATTACKING the incumbent. Sorry you felt the need to go for the jugular, this is not a courtroom!

You failed to say how we pay for those 100 extra police officers. As to a third party to review expenditures.... while I agree there needs to be more oversight, the easier solution would be to replace the people who do not handle the cities affairs in the manner needed and for our best interest. As to the savings in workman's comp., we'll see how that actually ends up! Or was that maybe a bait & switch tactic? We've all been warned that there will be hugh increases in W/C.

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