Local Banks, Civic Groups Team Up for June Baby Drive for Elk Grove Food Bank Services

Local banks in Elk Grove are teaming up for a June Baby Drive benefiting Elk Grove Food Bank Services. The purpose of the drive is to seek d...

Local banks in Elk Grove are teaming up for a June Baby Drive benefiting Elk Grove Food Bank Services. The purpose of the drive is to seek donations of diapers, formula and baby cleansing products can be dropped off at local branches of River City Bank, Elk Grove Commerce Bank, US Bank and Mechanics Bank.

At a recent reception hosted by the Elk Grove Community Connection for local businesses to honor the Elk Grove Food Services, Elk Grove City Council member Gary Davis’s Intern Teresa Rodriguez, in discussing the urgent needs of the food bank, spearheaded this baby drive.

“Without exception, every bank I contacted was an immediate 'yes,'" Rodriguez said.

"I am excited to see Elk Grove banks come together to support the struggling families in our community," Davis said. "I hope everyone will support this important cause.”

For more information, including addresses of the local bank branches, please see the attached flyer.

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Josie said...

Another fundraiser? While I certainly agree there is a need for all the help we as a community can give for those less fortunate, I sometimes wonder how many fundraisers are too many. You don't want to burn out a community with too many. Less than two months ago there was a major fundraiser for the EG Food Bank which raised over $11,000.00.

Perhaps a tough question to answer.

Elk Grove Politics said...


Though you may have a point, 125 people attended casino night. Elk Grove is a city of 150,000. Elk Grove Food Bank Services had its funding severely cut and fundraising hasn’t even made a dent to offset the current need which grows every day.

For example, the need for senior meals has increased to a point that the food bank doesn’t know if they will be able to accommodate them. The same is true of the need for babies which is why the “bank” drive.

So if someone sees the flyer and then goes at the store on the way to their bank, they may be able to budget for a couple of cans of formula or a package of diapers while shopping to drop in the “Baby Drive” containers.

Some people cannot afford to attend fundraisers but they can afford to buy one can of formula which helps feed the need just as much and is just as important.

And this isn’t a fundraiser per se, this a food/product drive.

Josie said...

Thank you Connie, point taken, even the play on words. :-)

That being said, I will give you credit for being a tireless worker and organizer of events for the community at large. Have yet to see anyone else step up to the plate and do the same. Perhaps like me, it's easier to sit back and critize than to do the work, and besides, it's fun to give you a punch once in a while, keeps you alert......so Chill!

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