Elk Grove Community Connection to Host Joint Public Safety Forum

One of the peculiarities of Elk Grove is that the primary public safety agencies, police and fire, are run by two different government ent...

One of the peculiarities of Elk Grove is that the primary public safety agencies, police and fire, are run by two different government entities, in this case the City of Elk Grove and the Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD) respectively.

In an effort to provide better information to the public and to seek their input, the Elk Grove Community Connection will host a joint public safety forum on Thursday, March 8 at the Elk Grove City Hall. Along with police officers and firefighters, Elk Grove City council members Gary Davis and Steve Detrick and Mayor Jim Cooper and the entire CCSD board will be in attendance. (Elk Grove city council members Pat Hume and Sophia Scherman declined to attend the event.)

In addition to a presentation on prevention techniques, the forum will also seek ideas and listen to concerns. A reception will start at 6:30 and the forum will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

Now, why in the world would some of city council members DECLINE to participate in an opportunity to share law enforcement, public safety and general safety issues with their citizens. I just don't get it. Anybody??

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

They both sound like poor sports. Good thing Scherman is leaving the council.

Anonymous said...

So much for "service above self." Hume and Scherman are birds of a feather and their personal grudges come before anything or anyone.

Their co-council publicly invited them as did the organizers.

Despite Hume's and Scherman's efforts to undermine, no doubt it will be a great forum, as both are agencies coming together for the betterment of the entire commmunity.

Anonymous said...

I too find that very troublesome that they do not join in an effort to make EG a better community. Especially so, for
Ms. Scherman who is running for an Assembly seat. It's not hard to see where her loyalty lies and it's not EG. She must have big and better things going for her. As for Mr. Hume...well, that takes waaay too much effort!

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow elk Grove(ns) I am really happy with our local enforcement. So this week our neck of the woods has our annual clean up, put all the stuff that you stored since last years clean up out on the curb. This is a very good think,keeps the rodents from a place to live and less fire hazards. But no only did I get this message so did every scavenger with a truck and trailer. I live in a nice quiet court and all of a sudden I feel we are on Elk Grove Blvd. There is more trucks coming into our court, and we have no house for sale or garage sale ,than you can shake a stick at. They don't just drive by, but dig through you s**t! I'm all for the green earth so these folks take what they can to recycle and less goes to the landfill.BUT WHEN I GO OUT TO MY WORK TRUCK PARKED IN MY DRIVEWAY AND SEE THINGS ON IT ARE MISSING THAT I NEED AND USE TO MAKE MY LIVING THIS DOES NOT SETTLE WELL.I have never had a problem before. So where is my enforcement agency now! OUR neighborhoods need more patrol during these clean up days. thanks for the ear, you neighbor. PS I will be up tonight don't stop on my court all my and my neighbors recyclables are gone.I AM THE ENFORCER TONIGHT.

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