Elk Grove Unveils Proposed Waysigns at Public Workshops

One of the proposed waysigns. In an effort to promote tourism and ease getting around town for visitors, the City of Elk Grove unveiled ...

One of the proposed waysigns.

In an effort to promote tourism and ease getting around town for visitors, the City of Elk Grove unveiled proposed waysigns at two public workshops yesterday.

The workshops, a joint effort by the city's public information, public works and economic development departments, were conducted to gather public input on a capital improvement project that the city council is considering.

"This is a starting point for discussion," Elk Grove public information officer Christine Brainerd said. "We want to hear from the community of what should be included."

According to information presented at the meeting, each waysign would cost anywhere from $600 to $1,500 and would be approximately six feet high by four feet wide. The city is also considering the placement of overhead electronic reader signs that would cost approximately $10,000 to $20,000 each.

The current proposal calls for about 47 waysigns and five electric reader signs throughout the city. City officials did not have an estimate of how much installation and other associated costs would be.

Some of the destinations proposed for inclusion are the Elk Grove Regional Park, Cosumnes Community Services District (CCSD) offices, city hall, libraries, senior center, post offices, Old Town, teen center and the Elk Grove Automall. The electronic signs would be used to direct traffic to events such as the Strauss Festival and for public safety messages such as Amber alerts.

One person attending the evening session asked if shopping centers would be included in the program. City economic development director Randy Starbuck said that when the Elk Grove Promenade is finished it would be included along with the automall, but not other shopping facilities.

"The automall is the largest single generator of taxes in the city," Starbuck noted.

Aside from seeking public input, Brainerd said city staff would also meet the CCSD, Elk Grove school officials and representatives from the automall. She said that the city council would probably hear the matter this spring. 

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Anonymous said...

This is what Mr. Starbuck is being paid the big bucks for...signs? I don't know who had this brain-storm idea, but whoever it is needs some counceling. Most insane idea I ever heard of and even more so during times when businesses are leaving, people are losing their homes & jobs. Don't you know...WE DON'T HAVE TOURISTS roaming our streets lost? This is not LA or SF. Here I thought our city council was finally getting it together....well, I have had a change of heart. This almost makes me cry. Started drifting after the little bidding fiasco and a lawsuit following. It's time for all of you to go. Where is Joe the Plumber?

Anonymous said...

One former City Councilman once proclaimed "build it and they will come". Well, other than contributing to sign clutter, graffiti targets, and popping out in front of the occasional drunk driver, these signs are nothing more than another boondoggle aimed to appease a small group of people who don't know how to explain their slow sales. So many people have GPS units, maps, and just plain ol' intelligence nowadays. Stop wasting my money.

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