Davis Raises $59k For Elk Grove Mayoral Bid

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Gary Davis Has over $100k in warchest During the first six months of 2012, Elk Grove Council Member Gary ...

Elk Grove mayoral candidate Gary Davis

Has over $100k in warchest

During the first six months of 2012, Elk Grove Council Member Gary Davis raised $59,494 in his bid to become the city's first directly elected mayor.

In addition to these funds, Davis had a previous balance of $50,396 and concluded the filing period that ended on June 30 with $104,367.

Among Davis' largest contributions were the following:

* Fabian Nunez for Treasurer 2014 $5,000
* UFCW $5,000
* Willdan Engineering $4,000
* Schetter Electric $4,000
* Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 447 Political Fund $2,500
* Gil Moore Oil Company $$2,500
* Sacramento Builders Exchange $$2,000
* CREPAC #890106 $1,500
* John Campbell $1,000
* John Reynen $1,250
* Vintara Holdiongs, LLC $1,000
* Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 $1,000
* Kammerer Ranch LLC $1,000
* Angelo Tsakopolous $1,000

During the six month period Davis reported expenses of $5,522.

One of seven mayoral candidates, Davis has significantly outpaced his opponents in fundraising. Among the three opponents who were required to report for the first six months, Jerry Braxmeyer came closest to Davis by raising $14,321 and loaned his campaign $8,599.

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Anonymous said...

Sad commentary on the state of Elk Grove. Big business buys votes. I would like to see Davis excuse himself from votes involving these high rollers. Getting tired of the Gil Moore's of the world donating to campaigns and then expecting a back rub on their projects. Isn't Reynen part of the Reynen and Bartis that went bankrupt? Leaving the city holding the bag in Madiera? Where are the "local" contributors? Isn't Willdan the firm that EG hired to oversee their public works department? This just seems wrong. And what's up with Vintara Holdings...I thought that project was rejected...is it coming back? WHY? Sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very sad that the press only picks up on the large donations. What about the every day Elk Grove citizen, some of whom are retired like David Simpson, who is supporting Gary Davis by reaching into their own checkbooks and writing a check for $100. $100 these days is a lot of money to some.

Additionally, Davis has a lot of diversity in his contributors. Of course, that isn't menioned either.

Debbie said...

Anon, It seems unlikely small contributions from people like David Simpson have any dogs in the fight. Perhaps he makes a contribution because he likes Mr. Davis or his general policy stance. Fair enough.

But what about the $5,000 from the UFCW? Do you think that might have influenced Davis' support of the big box ban? In these tough times lots of people are happy to have a newer Wal Mart coming to town.

More to the point, I doubt UFCW President Jacques Loveall gave that much money to Davis and would continue to donate big bucks if Davis supported Wal Mart - the nemesis of his members.

Cui bono?

The point is if you look at who the big donors are, you can get an idea how council members will behave. They are just puppets and the large donors are their puppet masters.

Let's see, $1,000 from Kammerer Ranch LLC. Could they possibly own property in the proposed SOI area? How about Gil Moore? Do you think Davis will do the right thing or try to find some "solution."

Sarah Johnson said...

There are a lot of us out here who have made modest contributions to Gary's campaign because we have seen how hard he has worked for this community. Gary Davis will do the right thing, and sometimes the right thing is finding solutions.

Anonymous said...

Cui prodest Debbie?

Have we forgotten it was Gary Davis who worked with community members to remove the floodplain from the SOI? It was Gary Davis, and certainly none of the others, who would take a bite out that potential big developer apple and champion that cause. It was only when the citizenry came out strong did Steve Detrick and Jim Cooper vote with Davis.

And as far as the big box ordinance, that began back in 2005 before Gary was even elected to the city council; again an ordinance born from a strong citizenry.

As far as Gil Moore, he is transparent and no one is fooled. He is trying to buy his way into the community and his sign!

Anonymous said...

But the question remains - will Gary Davis vote to keep the existing sign ordinance in place or will he vote for Moore's sign? Politics being what is it, we will not know until some time after the election. How convenient.

My bet is Davis will count the votes during deliberation and if it is safe to vote no and let Moore get his sign, he will vote no. If he is elected mayor, it will be interesting to see how he votes if it is a 2-2 tie. In that situation odds are he will vote to approve it. That is not likely though as Moore will have likely greased enough palms to easily get his three votes with or without Davis.

Anonymous said...

Time for reform! Time to limit contriubtions in local elections to 500 or 1000 per entity. Not 1000 from Gil Moore and then 1000 from each of Gil Moore's 12 grandkids. Only when you control the money will you get control of your council. Davis has good intentions, but money and power will eventually go to your head. It's human nature. If the council is beholden to residents instead of contributors, then the local resident who must live with the decisions of the council, will at least be at the same table ...instead of in a different room altogether. IF ANY OF THESE COUNCILMEMBERS HAD ANY B@LLS, they would champion our residents and start a local campaign reform idea and see it through to the end. That is how you gain respect with your voters. Let them know you are beholden to THEM and not the big developers/contributors.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above, you are absolutely correct; campaign reform is very much needed.

I wonder if Steve Detrick would have been so apt to immediately turn on his microphone, and at the same time turn against his neighbors and citizens who did so much to get him elected, and champion Gil Moore’s cause if Moore hadn’t contributed $12,500 to his campaign.

Detrick, as EGCAPP chairperson, spoke out in total support of the original sign ordinance. But that was back in the day when no money was involved.

And of late, Moore is now taking Detrick along for photo ops, along with Sophia, on his public relations tour making sure to send out a press releases and photos to the media to show what a great traveling side show they have become!

Since they are now such a cozy threesome, I wonder if Detrick is going to endorse Scherman for Mayor? Moore’s future contributions may be on the line here if those two don’t fall in line and do what the puppet master says.

Steve L said...

Easy there... throwing stones when you live in a glass house is a bit dangerous.

To Everyone else: You want a candidiate that is not taking, no, let me rephrase that: a candidiate that REFUSES to take any money,from anyone?

Then voter for Lynn Wheat. She'll vote for all that is best for US, THE CITIZENS. She'll owe no favors to anyone.


Let's quit talking about change, let's actually make one!

William Shakespeare said...

Steve L:

Are you the "Steve L" who is on Gary Davis' Endorsement list?

So before you talk about throwing stones, a little Julius Caesar should be in your summer reading: "Et tu Brute?"

Anonymous said...

There she goes with assumptions again.

Bill said...

Either that or she is pretty smart and caught with your pants down speaking out both sides of your mouth!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

I agree with Mr Lee. With Ms. Wheat's entry into the race, the dynamic has changed. I was planning on voting for Mr. Davis, but Ms. Wheat messages regarding the city's blood lust for expansion and how big monied interests rule our city leadership have changed my vote. Previous to Ms. Wheat entry, Mr. Davis was simply the best candidate in a weak field.

I think many of these comments here show Ms. Wheat has a message that will resonate and Mr. Davis knows it.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, all this I know who you are anonymous, no you don't, yes I do y'all throw in some Latin to kick it up a notch! Add in a little "outing" of persona and one can only sit back, watch and laugh! Okay, ready, set, go! I've got my Google translator on standby.

Debbie said...

Well I hope all of us who now support Lynn let her know and get going to help her out.

Anonymous said...

Well okay, but first I gotta know....does Lynn Wheat speak Latin?

Anonymous said...

Wheat's candidacy makes no sense. She can't win. If she pulls enough votes from Davis, Sherman wins. Likely Davis wins anyway. Either way, he is either Mayor or on the Council. She'll have burnt a bridge with the only Council Member who has ever given her respect. Wonder what will happen with Vintara after that...

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

I sounds like the comment immediately above this is from a Davis supporter who fears the knowledge and tenacity Ms. Wheat brings to the race. She ain't no Jimmie Johnson, Dan Briggs or Sophia Scherman punching bag.

Anonymous said...

So it sounds that Davis's vote on Vintara is based on whether or not Wheat runs against him? Is Davis that shallow to use his voting power to stimey a citizen's right to run for office? Burnt bridges, huh? Sounds like Leary all over again. Inflicting harm/disrespect upon citizens because he dosen't like or agree with them. I hope you're talking out of the side of your head (again) because even I don't think Davis would hold that kind of grudge. Projects should be evaulated on their value; not on personal likes/dislikes.

Anonymous said...

LMBO...you don't think so huh? Well he didn't attend and take part at the meeting in his District regarding Public Outreach on the Dignity Health Elk Grove Medical Campus Project held last week which was held at the city councils direction. It was held by two city employees who couldn't answer even the simplest of questions and there were many. Was a total waste of citizens time. That was not a Gary Davis I "thought" I knew and had voted for in the past. Just goes to tell you how even the people in the lower rank of politics can change when they start that uphill climb to bigger things. "Vintara Park", whatever it takes to get him up that hill faster.

Disclosure...NO city council members attended the meeting! As always, Ms. Wheat was in attendance.

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