Davis Walks Precincts, Seeks Votes in Elk Grove Mayoral Bid

Mayoral candidate Gary Davis (left) talks with Elk Grove voter Kamal Hamdy. While the scope and size of each of the six candidates seeki...

Mayoral candidate Gary Davis (left) talks with Elk Grove voter Kamal Hamdy.
While the scope and size of each of the six candidates seeking to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor campaign ranges from well-funded to one that refuses contributions, the winner of the race will still be determined in large part by how well they connect with potential voters on a one-on-one basis.

While two-term Elk Grove council member and mayoral candidate Gary Davis is generally acknowledged to have a well-funded and relatively sophisticated campaign apparatus, Davis nonetheless plans to make precinct walks an important component of his campaign

Following his office kick-off two weeks ago and an on-going phone bank operation, Davis and several volunteers gathered at his campaign office on Saturday morning to fan across Elk Grove seeking to spread their word and hopefully garner voter supporter. Armed with voter registration information, maps, water and comfortable shoes, Davis hit the streets for close to three hours Saturday morning to make those much desired one-on-one contacts.

On this day Davis walked the Woodside Creek neighborhood on the northeast corner of Elk Grove Blvd. and Big Horn Blvd. As with any door-to-door operation, Davis heard a few "I am not interested" from behind closed doors, but for the most part there were several "good luck to you" and "nice to meet you" comments. Davis also fielded questions on topics ranging from the proposed civic center to the unfinished Elk Grove Promenade Mall.

Typical of the voters Davis spoke to was Kamal Hamdy who engaged the candidate for several minutes. While several topics were discussed, there was particular emphasis on business and jobs development in the city.

Hamdy told Davis he heard there was a lot of red tape to open a business in Elk Grove. Davis noted that in his first meeting as a city council member in 2006 he sought an audit that led to many changes in now the city operates.

Kamdy said he would research who he would vote for but was left with a favorable impression of Davis. "I like what you have say," Kamdy told Davis.

When Davis spoke to Belinda Popovich he asked her how she liked living in Elk Grove. "I like the vibe here," she said.

A real estates agent, Popovich said she has several clients across racial and religious identities who moved here because the diversity is an attractive feature of Elk Grove. "They all feel welcome and comfortable here," she said.

Although Davis has strong name recognition after serving on the city council for six years and has a well-funded operation, the candidate said he will continue weekend and weekday evening precinct walks.

"I will be walking every free evening I have," he noted.

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You Can keep knocking but you cant come in..Need someone new. Not old nesw.

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