Elk Grove City Council Members to Consider Salary Increase

At next Wednesday's Elk Grove City Council meeting, city council members will consider whether or not to give themselves a raise. ...

At next Wednesday's Elk Grove City Council meeting, city council members will consider whether or not to give themselves a raise.

According to documents posted by the city, based on state statute city council members monthly salary is based on population. Currently the salaries are set at $600 based on a population between 75,000 and 150,000 people.

The report notes that the city's population passed the 150,000 mark last year and current demographics suggest population growth will continue. Based on this, the statute says the city council members can increase their monthly salary to $800.

According to the report, if the council approve this raise the fiscal impact to the city would be $12,000 annually. Next week's meeting starts at 6 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

What isn't reported here are stipends the Elk Grove City Council receives towards their cell phone and other expenses. So saying the council receives $600 a month is a bit misleading.

Anonymous said...

Agree..and I also wonder if they are on the City's health care plan and retirement benefits.

Anonymous said...

To answer the above question:

The Elk Grove City Council voted years ago to "give themselves" the benefits of full-time employees even though they are part-time council members.

I also believe we taxpayers are still paying for past council members' benefits for those who were on the council longer than five years. That is the magic "lifetime benefit" number.

I wonder how much we taxpayers pay out annually for council members past?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the above for that clarification. The staff report is a little..no make that a LOT misleading, because how can you talk about one piece of compensation in isolation without mentioning the total package. This is our tax dollars they are spending, not theirs!

Anonymous said...

wonder if the planning commissioners and other board members get the same gravy.

Anonymous said...

Elk Grove Planning Commissioners receive only $75 per meeting.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

This is a tough call. Perhaps city council members should get a higher monthly pay, say $1,000/mo.

But we should kill the lifetime health benefits, if that is in fact true. That is an over-the-top benefits taxpayers can ill afford.

Anonymous said...

I know we aren't talking much money ($800 vs $600), but how about the Council taking a leadership role and passing at this time? They just asked City employees to pay more for benefits and retirement plus take furloughs. Would it be refreshing for our Council to make a symbolic gesture that says they too will give up for the health of the City? It's called leading by example.

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