Large Turnout For Elk Grove Candidates' Night

Last night's Elk Grove Candidates' Night drew a large crowd to hear from candidates running for mayor and the school board. Spon...

Last night's Elk Grove Candidates' Night drew a large crowd to hear from candidates running for mayor and the school board.

Sponsored by Elk Grove News, Elk Grove Patch and the Sacramento Bee, the forum included two one hour segments. The first hour was dedicated to the candidates running to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor. The second segment consisted of eight candidates running for three different seats.

The mayoral candidates present included Jerry Braxmeyer, Gary Davis, Lawanna Montgomery, Sophia Scherman and Lynn Wheat. A sixth candidate, Greg Higley did not attend.

A summary of last night's forum is available here. Check back later today for for further coverage on this event.

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Anonymous said...

This was a great event. Thank you EGNews for your participation. I think the evening was well done. There is clearly two catagory of group who is informed and knowledgeable and well spoken (Davis and Wheat) and then there were the others who really have no business being in this race. Sophia had a hard time answering the questions as well as LaWanna. She basically stated she hasn't been to a council meeting in years. This is not the person I want running our city. Mr. Braxmeyer was better but he too avoided a few questions either (IMO) because he didn't know the subject area or didn't want to fib. His reply to "how many council meetings have you attended" was very, very weak. Because he has been to less than 4 over the last six months, he chose to "blame" his busy schedule on not attending more meetings. Well, again, if you're too busy to care, then you shouldn't be running. On other issues, Mr. Braxmeyers seemed OK....But Davis is a smooth politican and did well as to be expected. Ms Wheat also did quite well. I was impressed that she knew some statistics and did not shy away from Davis and his pat answers. This is clearly, IMO, a two person race. It will be interesting and I hope, a civil campaign. Marilyn

Anonymous said...

How do you know how many meetings someone has been to? Do you take attendance? So if the person does not check in with you then they have no business running for office? So watching the council meetings at home doesn't count? Mr. Braxmeyer stated he attended every meeting he was able to. What is wrong with that?

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