Elk Grove Mayoral Candidates Positions on Expansion

Below find the responses from Elk Grove Mayoral candidates regarding the city proposed expansion via the sphere of influence (SOI) applic...

Below find the responses from Elk Grove Mayoral candidates regarding the city proposed expansion via the sphere of influence (SOI) application. The responses are posted according to the candidates position on the ballot.

Sophia Scherman - Did not respond

Lynn Wheat

Sphere of Influence Application

My position on the Sphere of Influence Application has been unchanged since it was first proposed by the city council.

In June 2009 I made the following comments at the city council meeting:

“I now address the SOI. I attended the listening sessions and heard the majority of residents speak against expansion. Excluding the last three months, this fiscal year budget spent $85, 273 in PMC labor charges. $300,000 is proposed in the budget before you tonight. You as our representatives are being asked to spend $ 500,000 dollars more this budget year on the HCP and the SOI. These monies will be coming directly out of the General Fund. Between this last fiscal year and the new proposed budget $800,000 plus will be spent on the HCP and SOI. How much more will be asked of the Elk Grove taxpayers? I picture a better use of the monies directly benefiting our residents and local businesses. Imagine if each of the approximately 44,000 households received an $11.00 rebate check form the city to support the Shop Local campaign. Or Imagine $500,000 funding mortgage assistance and helping our current residents and neighborhoods. Or Imagine $500,000 more added to our community programs for the disabled, seniors, and youth. As I have said before: Are those who will most benefit by the HCP and SOI contributing? I say not.”

The comments I made over three years ago are just as pertinent today as they were back then and have been further validated by the following recent events:

• A recent poll completed in September 2012 indicated 51% of Elk Grove Residents oppose the expansion. • 3,000 vacant undeveloped acres remain within our current city boundaries.
• Highest office, retail, and industrial vacancy rates in the county.
• Increasing number of investor-owned rental homes.
• Struggling homeowners upside down on their mortgages in virtually every neighborhood in the city.

Some will say that the SOI is for future planning and jobs. The city’s job to housing ratio was balanced when the General Plan was adopted in 2003. Then, the city council responded to short term market needs and amended the general plan 25 times creating an imbalance. Currently, they are in the process of master planning a 1,200 acre tract of land which includes more homes, no light rail, and will be surrounded by more homes. This land represents an ideal opportunity for mixed uses with transit oriented development and employment centers.

Based on the growth projections for this region, the city does not need the SOI land to accommodate future growth within the next twenty years.

As Mayor I will take steps to have the SOI application withdrawn or placed on the ballot.

Greg Higley - Did not respond

Gary Davis - Did not respond

LaWanna Montgmery

See her posting here.

Jerry Braxmeyer - Did not respond

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amused in fast food city said...

Very interesting, the others were sure chatterboxes about this during the forums! Guess if it can't fit on a glossy flyer, or you can't post it on your campaign contribution list, or it won't fit in one of those locally-bought bags, it ain't worth bothering with I guess!

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