Why Rush to Process the Sphere of Influence Application?

The following has been submitted by Elk Grove Mayoral Candidate LaWanna Montgomery. With Montgomery's submission of a position paper o...

The following has been submitted by Elk Grove Mayoral Candidate LaWanna Montgomery. With Montgomery's submission of a position paper on the city's sphere of influence application, the other five mayoral candidates have been invited to submit their positions on the matter by 12:30 p.m, Friday, November 2.

Why rush to process the Sphere of Influence (SOI) Application?

My name is LaWanna Montgomery and I’m running for mayor of Elk Grove to make tough decisions and take us into the 21st Century. I am a strong leader with empathy for the people and my community. During tough economic times, we cannot afford to overspend or make hasty decisions that affect us all. I cannot support or vote for the Sphere Of Influence (SOI) Application in its present condition. I firmly believe that the SOI application involves input from residents before moving forward.

The city should withdraw its application pending approval from Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) until our community, stakeholders and residents can give more input in the decision making process. In order to build a better community, Elk Grove should concentrate on working within existing acres and borders before expanding to new ones. Our city has a lot of vacant land to promote jobs and housing. Currently, we have more than 1800 vacant homes and one of the highest vacancy rates in the region of retail and office space.

Accountability and responsibility comes with proper planning and smart growth. Smart growth involves collaboration with the citizens, and stakeholders, and should not solely be the decision of a few or city council members. The work ahead of us takes time requiring strategic and technical planning.

The City of Elk Grove maintains that to build future residential, industrial, and commercial sites may require additional land outside of the current city boundaries. Specifically, located south of Bilby Road. Kammerer Road and Grant Lines Road. The amended SOI application includes 7,869 acres, which 4,500 acres used for housing and 2,300 acres used for retail and industrial purposes.

I am asking residents to stand with me against the SOI application in its present form.

Respectfully submitted,

LaWanna Montgomery, Mayoral Candidate Elk Grove

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Anonymous said...

At the joint forum Ms. Montgomery said she was in favor of the current SOI.

Additionally, she was asked the following question by the Elk Grove Patch:

"What do you think of the city’s application to expand its Sphere of Influence? Do you support that?"

Answer: "Yes, I do. One of the things I’ve been talking about for a long time is the whole hidden island. I went to Hawaii … I was like, that’s an island, it’s secluded, but so many people [come] from all over the place spending money, bringing commerce and tourists and all those wonderful things. That could happen here."

So is she, or isn't she?

amused in fast food city said...

Just another example of some of our Mayor candidates plagiarizing other candidates issues. Say anything to get elected, right?

Michael said...

First she defaces her opponent's signs, now she resorts to stealing the mantra of her opponent, after establishing that she really feels the SOI is a good idea.

- Pathetic!!!

Can't wait for Nov 7!!!!

Anonymous said...

plop plop, flip flop, oh what a relief it is...

Unknown said...

To whom it may concern:
I hope your day is going well. Can we agree to disagree? I want to work with residents of Elk Grove. You should never get this upset because of my position, it is unhealthy. Do you know where the word flip flop came from because before breaking my fibula bone I use to where them daily. To address my position on the Sphere Of Influence (SOI) application was always pending the outcome or planning of current buildings and homes already in existence. For the record, let me state that a position for or against an issue does not belong to one particular person. Specifically, no one owns the ‘rights’ for or against the SOI in its current condition if so, can you elaborate or educate me on who owns the right to being for or against the SOI in its present form? I ‘m open to learn more (knowledge is power). We are allowed to agree to disagree that I'm allowed to state my opinion, beliefs and plans, just like you’re entitled to your thoughts. You must recall in previous elections, when I gained over 41 percent of the vote, specifically saying I'm for smart growth and have not changed my position nor flip flopped on my answer. Can you refer back to my position on smart growth, as I have never and will never be for just building? I maintain and am consistent with stating smart grow emphasizing strategic and technical planning. So, basically, smart growth is my own idea that no one was talking about, but me. If someone uses the word smart growth, it’s alright; I do not own that position. Yes, my daughters and I enjoyed ourselves in Hawaii. I was invited to the White House as part of the Business Council, and yes, I plan on going to Africa, specifically, Egypt soon. Well, enough about where I've been and where I'm going.
However, today I’m concerned with your anger. I realize politics are dirty, but no one could have prepared me for this type of explanation. I want to help the community prosper and Elk Grove becomes the best place it can, a one stop shop for all your needs. Yes, I want us to be proud of our city making it a place tourist can come to and go home talking about what Elk Grove has to offer, i.e. a major attraction. If this upsets you that not my intentions, I wanted voters to know my position on the SOI application and that's all. In closing, as an adult I put away childish things because I relized small things consume big ideas.

Respectfully submitted,

LaWanna Montgomery,Mayorial Candidate Elk Grove

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