Elk Grove Mayor-Elect Davis Talks With MLS

Elk Grove Mayor-elect Gary Davis discusses locating a MLS team to the city. As being reported this morning by the Sacramento Bee, Elk Gr...

Elk Grove Mayor-elect Gary Davis discusses locating a MLS team to the city.
As being reported this morning by the Sacramento Bee, Elk Grove Mayor-Elect Gary Davis met this weekend with Major League Soccer (MLS) Commissioner Don Gerber to discuss the possibility of locating a franchise in the city.

According to the report, Davis and Gerber met this weekend in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of locating a team in the area that would be led by former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. A stadium to house a possible team would be located in the city's so-called Southeast Policy Area (SEPA) according to Davis.

SEPA is the city's last undeveloped area and is roughly 1,200 acres in size. Earlier this year the city of Elk Grove held a series of workshops soliciting input on how the area should be built-out.

The story did not mention how any possible stadium would be financed.

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Anonymous said...

I hope our city leaders negotiate better than they did with the skating rink operators and the state prison. Of course, with Nunez and Davis at the helm, the democratic machine will dig into our wallets first and ask questions later. I can hear Nunez now..if you have a beef with this, meet my son!

Larry Tate said...

Oh Anon, you don't really get it do you! Poor soul you are.

This is part of our city's grand plan to make Elk Grove a destination city. See we will get all the soccer hooligans from all over Nor Cal and if we are really lucky, some Euro-trash hooligans will visit complete with their soccer mullets and p*ss bombs that they throw and after a drunken melee. Our local police will be running paddy wagons instead of patrolling our strong neighborhoods!

So just chill - its all good!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Larry, and let's keep checking zillow.com so we can track how this destination strategy benefits our home values over time. We got another 8,000 acres just waiting to develop south of town too. Land owners and developers are in hog heaven, we are in chump hell.

Anonymous said...

Show up at the city council meeting on December 12th and each meeting thereafter to show your disdain for the direction this city is taking. Otherwise gary will continue to use his Richard J. Daley attitude to drive the land grab, etc. down our throats.

They can find money to get a soccer club but there is no money to elect the city council member to fill his spot. Just look where we are going. DOWN THE TUBES!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, showing up at council meetings gets you NO WHERE. I can attest to that....there are people that show up to multiple meetings only to get reputations that they cannot be pleased no matter what. You can spill your heart out for your three minutes, then you're lucky if they remember your name at the end of the meeting. These agenda items are usually already discussed and determined well before the meeting ever starts. If you think any of these council member really CARE about what you are saying, you are wrong. Honestly, they would be just as pleased if there were NO public input at all during the meetings. Those citizens only take up time that extend the meeting longer than necessary. Unfortunately, that is how this works. I would still advise that you attend at least one or two meetings a year, just to keep them wondering what you're doing there...otherwise, there is no real purpose in attending. I know from first hand experience. Sad but true.

Charlie Marlow said...

I think Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Dealing with our city council is that way.

They all say they want transparency and so forth, but it is really a big snow job. They will try to give the appearance the public's input is listened to, like Davis's so-called neighborhood summit or that sign ordinance workshop, but when it comes down to it, they do exactly as their puppet masters tell them.

How much you wanna bet Mr. Moore gets his sign ordinance passed post-haste once we enter 2013?

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