Appointment Sole Item on EGCC's First Meeting Agenda for 2013

For their first meeting of 2013, the Elk Grove City Council will have only one item on their regular agenda - to consider an appointment t...

For their first meeting of 2013, the Elk Grove City Council will have only one item on their regular agenda - to consider an appointment to fill council vacancy.

The vacancy was created when Gary Davis was elected mayor and vacated his District 4 council seat upon taking his Dec 12. mayoral oath.

To fill the vacancy the council can either make an appointment for the remaining two years on the seat's term or hold a special election. At their Dec. 12 meeting council members and Davis initially decided to seek an appointment.

Although the council decided to seek an appointment, there was pointed disagreement between council members Jim Cooper and Pat Hume. Cooper strongly urged the appointment process as cost savings measure while Hume argued that the voice of the people should be heard and a special election should be held.

Even though the council could appoint a replacement as early as Wednesday night from the six qualified candidates, there could be significant political obstacles for any one person to be appointed by a majority of the current four members.

If the city council cannot reach an agreement by Jan. 23, by statute a special election must be called to fill the vacancy.

The city council meeting starts at 6 p.m Wednesday. A candidates forum sponsored by the League of Women's voters will be held at the Elk Grove City Hall at 6 p.m. tonight.

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Two-Bit Politics said...

Matt Damon On Politics: 'The Game Is Rigged'

"We're at a point where politicians don’t really get any benefit from engaging with long-term issues. It's all about the next election cycle. Those guys in the House don't do anything now but run for office. So unless they can find some little thing that zips them up a couple of points in the polls, they're not interested.

I've talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grassroots level. One of them said to me, 'Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politician. You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better.

I don’t think I said anything a lot of people weren’t thinking. It’s easier now more than ever in my life to feel the fix is in, the game is rigged and no matter how hard you work to change things, it just doesn’t matter."

Huffington Post

Billy Bats said...

After attending last night's "forum," such as it was, the statements posted quoting Matt Damon are reflective and true of our almost entire body politic.

We really have to look no further than the 2008 credit collapse. To this day not one on these Wall Street types or the politicians who enabled them have been held to any criminal prosecution. Recall during the Bush 41 administration scores of executives were arrested, tried and often jailed for the S&L crisis.

If politicians and their benefactors can get away with such wide scale [alleged] criminal activities that adversely affect millions of people to this day, what is going to stop some low-level two-bit hustling local politician?

Indeed Mr. Damon, the fix is in.

Anonymous said...

Billy Bats,

What will stop a local politician; a vocal; educated people's army who want more and challenge the status quo by attending public hearings and exercising their rights and demanding accountability of the elected officials. We are at a point of time where it is more than just voting.


Anonymous said...

You all voted for them. Not you got them. Very corrupted people we have in office now. Maybe one is ok. Not sure but we will have to see how they all vote this week.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, there were three or four candidates that seem interestingly competent to fill a seat for 18 months. None were as skilled as the sitting council, but that is probably a good thing. I was most interested in the one gentlemen who stated several times he will not run for re-election in 2014. This statement alone eliminates some of the "power grab" inferred above. This will be a very interesting meeting.

Silent Dogood said...

How is the Mayor not at the Forum? Obviously his mind is already made up and he is not interested in being fully informed and hearing the candidates issues in public. It is always best to ask candidate questions in private and then see if the answers to those same questions differ when answered in Public.

Gary Davis doesn't care who the best candidate is because he was told months ago who he would be voting for. This is what you get when Sacramento politics is allowed to control our City.

Anonymous said...

Re above: "The majority of the current council is skilled." What council is that? Certainly not the Elk Grove City Council. One in particular has the intellect of a nat and sells votes to the highest bidder.

Marilyn said...


That pretty much says it all.

You're absolutely right.

This just makes me sick. I wish I had my vote back. I wouldn't vote for him today.

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