Mayor Davis Fails to Get Appointment For Former Council Member

As part of Gary Davis' authority as mayor and with the consent of the city council, he has the responsibility to recommend appointm...

As part of Gary Davis' authority as mayor and with the consent of the city council, he has the responsibility to recommend appointments to the city of Elk Grove's various committees and commissions. In an early test of this authority at last night's city council meeting, Davis failed to get council consent on a surprising nomination for the planning commission.

Davis placed former city council member and mayoral rival Sophia Scherman's name into nomination to replace Planning Commissioner Frank Maita. Scherman, who lost to Davis in November's mayoral election and whose seat was eliminated by decennial reapportionment, was often at ideological loggerheads with Davis during the six years they served together. 

As quick as Davis entered her name into nomination, the moved died. Without hesitation Council Member Jim Cooper objected.

"I wouldn't be in support of that," Cooper said. 

Council Member Steve Detrick quickly agreed while Pat Hume was silent. Hume was appointed by Scherman to the Planning Commission in 2000.

Davis suggested that Maita continue to serve and the council agreed.      

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Anonymous said...

Gary Davis has lost his mind appointing Sophia Scherman.

Additionally he is now a lame duck Mayor and he certainly quacked like one last night.

2014 can't come soon enough so we can be rid of him!

Sarah Johnson said...

I guess this was some kind of political ploy, but I am not happy that this was even considered! Sophia knows less than nothing about planning and after suffering through twelve years of nonexistent representation in my district, this would have been the last straw for me.
All four of you played politics with the Council appointment and the end result was that we were deprived of the best person for the job, Nancy Chaires.
Not a happy camper this morning!!

Yosemite Sam said...

(Robert V. Carr)

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A painted house 'most ev'ry quarter mile
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And puttin' on a painful lot o' style

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The wire of the farmer holds 'em tight
There's little use to law 'em and little use to kick
And mighty sight less use there is to fight

There's them coughin' separaters and their dirty, dusty crews
And wagons runnin' over with the grain
With smoke a-driftin' upward and writin' on the air
A story that to me is mighty plain

The wolves have left the country and the long-horns are no more
And all the game worth shootin' at is gone
And it's time for me to foller, 'cause I'm only in the way
And I've got to be a-movin' -- movin' on

Anonymous said...

I didn't get what that was all about last night. Did Mr Maita want to leave planning if a candidate was available for his replacement?

Anonymous said...

If I were Frank Maita, I would resign now. How disrespectful for Davis to attempt to remove a seating member without giving any cause or reason. Was Davis trying to feel his oats? Maita isn't HIS appointee; Maita was appointed by Scherman. Over the years, we all know that the only thing that Scherman can plan is her wardrobe. To allow her access to the Planning Commission would be downright sinful. Nice lady; but really, she has no business being on the PC. Strangely enough, Davis and Scherman are not friends. Davis has bemoaned Scherman over and over again. This move really has my head spinning. Davis might have already lost all his marbles and it only took three meetings.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Davis has already let this mostly ceremonial position as Mayor go to his head. I really hope the peoole of Elk Grove who voted for him realize what a monster they have created.
He's pushing for a Major League Soccer club and stadium. The developers have him in their hip pocket pushing the SOI and he promised last Juen to have the Howard Hughes Corp. at a city council meeting to give us an update on the mall. We all know where theat is. right!!! His political ambitions far outstrip his ability to do anyting good for Elk Grove. Next time you vote. Each of you really needs to see pasth the smoke and mirrors andhte big money that is thrown around the campaign scene.

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously I can't take my vote back. But Gary Davis has become an embarrassment for our city. Has this Mayor title gone to his head and he hasn't learned how to handle success in the political arena? As someone said, "It's hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen."

Anonymous said...

Davis is up to something appointing Scherman to the planning commission. What is his next political move and how did appointing Scherman play into his plan?

Davis is alway thinking about the next seat. Case in point: Shortly after being elected to the city council, he was then running for Congress.

Maybe Davis is courting the Republican Party and is going to jump ship and run against Cooper for the Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Could it be in talking with Trigg, Davis asked him, if he could, who would he appoint as his planning commissioner. And knowing the tight connection between Herberger/Trigg/Scherman, Trigg responded he would like to see Sophia Scherman on the planning commission.

The key element here is Roy Herberger and Sophia pulled the strings at the Citizen.

Anonymous said...

Davis has turned out to be a total disappointment. I thought he had enough moral character to do what is right for the people of Elk Grove. He is only doing what is best for sad!

The Grassy Knoll said...

Lest we devolve into a bunch of conspiracy theorist, the poster above makes an excellent point. Why would Davis suggest the appointment of Scherman? Was there some sort or prid quo pro going on?

Anonymous said...

mr davis keeps stepping in his own mud...Mrs sherman (gonzalez) was voted out of city politics for a reason...still muddled why people voted for him as mayor...this is a very rock start for mr davis this year, good luck trying to earn trust the rest of the way....

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