Davis Raised $118K in Successful Mayoral Run, Received Substantial Residential Developer Money

Financial disclosures filed with the Elk Grove City Clerk showed Mayor Gary Davis raised over $118,000 in his successful bid to become ...

Financial disclosures filed with the Elk Grove City Clerk showed Mayor Gary Davis raised over $118,000 in his successful bid to become Elk Grove's first directly elected mayor last year.

According to the California 460 financial disclosure, Davis raised $118,684 in 2012 for his mayoral campaign.

Davis' largest contributor in the filing period between Oct. 30 and Dec. 31 was Taylor Morrison of California who contributed $5,000 on Nov. 10, four days after Davis had secured his victory. In total Davis raised $10,000 on Saturday, Nov. 10. 

Separately Taylor Morrison recently announced that it will be unveiling a new development this month in Elk Grove's Madeira community that will feature houses ranging in size from 2,426 to more than 3,600 square feet. 

Davis also received $500 during that period from the Kammerer Ranch LLC on top of $1,000 contributed earlier in the year. 

Davis campaigned promising to rectify Elk Grove's jobs to home imbalance which continues to be one of the worst in region. Davis said he will have a "laser focus" on bringing high-quality jobs and not more rooftops to the city.


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Wizard of Oz said...

Don't leave out "destination city" as well!

So far, the biggest industrial economic development project going will be the trash transfer facility near the Kammerer interchange. Trash trucks hauling garbage from all over the Sacramento region (and who knows where else?) will descend upon this site every day. We will get paid to accept garbage! Now they are talking about burning the waste as well. You did WHAT with those dirty diapers?

But hold onto your nose. The trash trucks lining the connector "bypass" and the Hwy 99/Kammerer interchange will be intermingled with the mall traffic and the developers who have contributed to Councilmembers under the name of Kammerer Ranch LLC. It will look like truck-stop central in Bakersfield!

Proud heritage, bright future!

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

By all indications it seems Mr. Davis in not the same person who was first elected in 2006. He has let the power, or his allusion of power of his office go to his head and has, to paraphrase Nixon attorney Chuck Colson, walked over the grave off Elk Grove citizens for the benefit of developers.

Eastside Millie said...

We need to track the ratio of residental rooftops to new business openings that occur during Mr. Davis's tenure.

He ran his campaign on that issue specifically. He better bring in those jobs and stifle home building, as we already have gads of empty houses in our community. Building more homes will only dilute our existing home values further.

We're watching Mr. Mayor......

Tony Soprano said...

I am really surprised the city isn't tooting their horn about this spectacular Economic Development. I mean really, there is money in garbage. I should know.

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