Elk Grove Evangelical Group Seeks to Hold Prayers Before City Council Meetings

UPDATED | Encouraged by a recent decision by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allowing prayers to be held before city council me...

UPDATED | Encouraged by a recent decision by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allowing prayers to be held before city council meetings, an Elk Grove evangelical group said it will seek to have prayers read at the opening of Elk Grove City Council meetings.

That group, Leaders of Evangelism in Elk Grove, or LEEG, say the recent decision by the well-noted liberal Ninth Circuit Appeals court has encouraged them to seek the change in procedures. Currently the Elk Grove City Council has a moment of silence before meetings proceed.

"The fact the Ninth Circuit upheld the practice in Lancaster [Calif.] is most encouraging," Rev. Frederick Phelps, Executive Chair of LEEG said. "We plan to offer a proposal at the next meeting and hope the council will see the wisdom of open meetings with a prayer."

In that case, Rubin v. City of Lancaster, 11-56318, a three judge panel said that pre-meeting prayers are constitutional as city policy invites all faiths and creeds to participate. While most opening prayers in Lancaster have been conducted by Christians, they have also included Muslims, Sikhs, Scientologist,  Pagans  and a meta-physicist.

Phelps said once the city council approves pre-meeting prayers, he intends to pray for approval of the city's desired soccer stadium. "What  better place to hold services than a soccer stadium," Phelps said.

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Rev. Du Rite said...

"We are gathered here this evening at the Temple of the BIA, the everlasting god of development and long term visionaries. Give us today are daily Kool-Aid, for which we may give thanks to stronger neighborhoods and growing home equity. Deliver us from evil and "those" people who would otherwise flock to our great city in search of affordable housing, light-rail,
and cash for gold stores. Instead, shine the way to our Medical Mecca, Soccer Nirvana, and Discount Retail. Bless our chariots that we may travel the golden connector highway with 37 signalized intersections and immense brotherhood of more retail and rooftops as far as the eye can see. For we are the dwellers of the land of the Elk--nothing and nobody stands in our way! Amen.

Tom said...

The moment of silence should be more than adequate for those who chose to pray. No need for audible prayers forced on a captive audience.

Anonymous said...

I have a prayer, "I pray the Elk Grove City Council stops talking out of both sides of their mouths, stops using their elected office for personal financial gain, and not bankrupt our city on a soccer stadium."

Send the soccer team to Stockton. They built it and no one came!

Steven Masone said...

While prayer is certainly needed,the bible say's the "fervent effectual prayers of a righteous man avails much." James 5:16 Who is going to pay for the all the expenses to find one and import him to California?

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