Possible Republican Candidate Appears Before Elk Grove Republicans

May 3, 2013 | With Congressional elections a little over 18 months from now, the contest for California's 7th appears to be taking sh...

May 3, 2013 |

With Congressional elections a little over 18 months from now, the contest for California's 7th appears to be taking shape based on comment made before a local Republican party meeting in Elk Grove last night.

Elizabeth Emken is considering a run for Congress.
Appearing before the Cosumnes Republican Party monthly meeting held at the Elk Grove Library was former California Senatorial Candidate Elizabeth Emken. Despite last November's loss to Diane Feinstein, the Danville Republican has signaled she is considering a run again Democratic Freshman Congressman Dr. Ami Bera who defeat incumbent Dan Lungren in November. 

Among the topics Emken touched upon in her 35 minute presentation were gun control, foreign aid, water issues and the Federal Tax Code. Much of her presentation though focused on the Affordable Healthcare Act, or more commonly knows as Obamacare. 

While Emken acknowledge the problems with the current healthcare system, she said Obamacare will only act to worsen healthcare delivery.

"It takes a challenged system and made it a hundred times worse," Emken said.

Discussing the current state of Republican party, Emken said it is very important to involved conservative women in politics. 

"I think we need to have conservative woman talk to other conservative women, and not conservative won, just women in general about what we all care about," Emken said. "For reasons that escape me, the Democrats have assumed the mantle of compassion when it comes to children and families and I really fly in the face of that."

When asked by an audience member why the U.S. continues to give foreign aid to uncooperative governments, Emken said that as a mother of three when her children misbehave, privileges are withheld. 

"In my view, we should make an impression to affect their behavior," she said. 

As an example, Emken said when the U. S. Embassy in Egypt was attacked, a logical response would have been to suspend financial support.   

"Unless we as a country start showing there is a consequence against bad behavior towards our country, why would that country change," Emken noted. 

Emken, who in addition to running for the Senate and an unsuccessful Republican Primary Congressional campaign in California's 11th district in 2010, could possibly face primary challenges from former Republican Congressman Doug Ose and State Sen. Ted Gaines who are both considering entering the race. 

Both the Democratic and Republican national congressional committees have targeted the district that Bera won by a narrow margin in 2012.

An audio recording of Emken's presentation will be posted later today. 

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