Underground v Overhead electrical cables in Elk Grove

During the July 10, 2013 Elk Grove City Council meeting a developer was granted a variance as part of a request to amend an approved map...

During the July 10, 2013 Elk Grove City Council meeting a developer was granted a variance as part of a request to amend an approved map to place electrical cables overhead rather than underground even though city planning staff recommended against the overhead request and the original plan called for underground cables.

At the request of some readers, EGN has clipped and posted the full 45 minute discussion on last week's agenda item 9.5.

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lynn said...

The "master planned community of Laguna Ridge has under gone many changes over the past several years that I question the "master planned community" really this should be dismissed from even addressing Laguna Ridge. Our leaders have an ever changing "vision" for our city which leaves uncertainty for homeowners, residents, and businesses. I would not use the touted "we are business friendly here" when the rules of the game continually change. IF any of our leaders could of said we are master planning this community, yes the economy has changed(as it always seems to cycle) and we are going to stick to the master planned community concept because in the long run with patience this vision will be sustainable and will benefit all.....well maybe this particular discussion would not of taken staff time, our tax money and public hearing.....

Anonymous said...

I don't attend council meetings anymore because my perception is; it is just a waste of time. Such a dog and pony show. Rarely, public comment is taken seriously and most times, we are brushed aside as a nuisance. I did just listen to this tape about overhead/underground power lines and wondered what happened to the policy we had in place when Madeira was "considered Elk's Grove gem". This Madeira project was 100% Elk Grove...no county involvement. This project was going to be done correctly...blah, blah, blah. Developers were forced to lay lines and infrastructure FIRST for the entire project before homes could be built. We wanted to be sure that pockets of homes were not build without necessary support in place (schools, parks, walkways, underground lines, roads, etc.). If developers wanted to build in Elk Grove, they needed to INVEST in Elk Grove. What happened to THAT plan? Why are we talking above ground lines? Why aren't the standards agreed to years ago being implemented? If you listen to the tape, the underground/ overhead discussion starts at 30:10 or approx. 8:50pm.

Lynn appears to be correct again in that the developers run this council to the detriment of the citizens. Tell me how overhead lines will benefit the citizens? This reduced cost will only allow developers to make more of a profit on the backs of us, the home buyers.

Sad we didn't hear from Cooper or Trigg. Trigg seemed to be sleeping through the discussion again (but that's a story for another time).

Thomas A. Anderson said...

The claim that Madeira was going to show Elk Grove knows or knew how to do it right and that it would be a crowning jewel of the city's vision is and continues to be nothing more than an an illusion. The real power in this city comes from the developers and big campaign donors. If you are in doubt, check out the campaign finance disclosures.

Airborne Nike said...

Look, we can't have it both ways. We need economic development, and so the new Discount Shoe Warehouse that was much touted by R. Starbuck, will allow the juveniles living in this "Master Planned Community" to throw shoes over the power lines at a bargain price! That my friends is how you build stronger neighborhoods!

SteveB6509 said...

I looked through some of the information and I am slightly confused (I must admit I didn't look through everything). Are we talking about one 69 KV power line being above ground or the entire community's power lines being above ground?

Anonymous said...

It is the 69,000 Volt Transmission Line only from what I heard. I drove down in that area recently and was on Bruceville. All of the Transmission Lines are currently above ground and the rest of the utilities are below ground. Someone could check with SMUD, but my guess is, everywhere else in Elk Grove that has below ground utility developements, has above ground transmission Lines if there is any transmission at all.

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