Suspected Elk Grove Wal Mart Shoplifters Assault, Injures Customers in Parking Lot

August 29, 2013 | Not only has the Elk Grove Blvd. Wal Mart developed a reputation as shoplifting target of sorts in Elk Grove, if ...

August 29, 2013 |

Not only has the Elk Grove Blvd. Wal Mart developed a reputation as shoplifting target of sorts in Elk Grove, if last night's incident is any indication, its parking lot might develop a reputation as a  dangerous place too.

According to Elk Grove Police, two female suspects who initially were suspected of shoplifting were arrested on a variety of charges including battery, kidnapping, criminal conspiracy, robbery and making criminal threats.

The incident started when 21-year old Brianne Jefferson and 20-year old Sashe Hinton, both of Fairfield, were observed shoplifting by Wal Mart loss prevention employees. When the pair left the store, employees were able to detain Hinton but Jefferson ran away.

Jefferson then reportedly ran to a nearby car and began speaking with its occupants. At that time, a car driven by a 55-year old woman came upon the Jefferson who was  talking with the car's occupants that happened to be double parked. 

The driver of the car exited and asked Jefferson and the occupants of the car to move. A verbal argument between the driver and Jefferson ensued and Jefferson began an assault on the driver. 

The female driver suffered visible injuries as a result of the attack. When the driver's husband came to her aid, several unknown suspects associated with Jefferson began to kick and punch him in the head resulting in injuries that required medical attention. 

Jefferson then ran over to the victim's car and drove away. In the car was a 39-year old mother and her two children whom she allegedly threatened as she drove approximately 200 yards in the parking lot. 

Jefferson then stopped the vehicle and fled on foot. The husband gave chase and was able to detain her. After detaining Jefferson, he was taken to an area hospital for medical treatment.

Both Jefferson and Hinton were arrested and taken to the county jail. Jefferson remain in custody on a $207,500 bail and Hinton is not eligible for bail. The suspects responsible for assaulting the husband were not located.

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Anonymous said...

I have started keeping track of all reported shoplifting incidents in Elk Grove. I take my information straight from the Daily Watch Summary and make note of the suspect's race, gender, age, and city of residence. I also make note of the victim (store). It doesn't take long to notice trends among not just stores that are targeted more frequently than others, but among other categories, as well.

Anonymous said...

South Sac here come! Worrying about MSL soccer and signs ain't gonna stop this trend.

Tom said...

Looks like Wal Mart Loss prevention is on their job. Word will get out and criminals will target different stores.

Anonymous said...

This Act of Crime toward's the Couple will I'm sure be punished to the fullest and catch the male counter part on his act of involvement in this and be punished as well,I don't get where people think they in there own mind can place harm on another human and get away with it~justice will be served and hope the serve many years to sit and think of these action's they will some day need to face the people they injured but until then they can cry in the little cell that was designed for them!

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