Davis, Cooper Travel to Washington DC Lobbying For Public Works Funds

September 12, 2013 | In an effort to secure federal funding, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis and Councilman Jim Cooper traveled to Washington ...

September 12, 2013 |

In an effort to secure federal funding, Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis and Councilman Jim Cooper traveled to Washington DC this week to meet Congressman Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) and other officials. The trip started on Tuesday, September 10 and is concluding today.

Mayor Gary Davis
According to the City of Elk Grove Public Information Officer Christine Brainerd, Davis and Cooper where accompanied by the city's paid lobbyist, Peter Evich, and Darren Wilson with the city's public works department.

"This was the city’s annual federal advocacy trip and meetings that city officials attend with our federal lobbyist Pete Evich," Brainerd said.

The meetings scheduled include the following:

Office of Congressman Ami Bera             
Meeting with Rep. Bera and his staff

Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein
Meeting with Ben Kramer

Office of Senator Barbara Boxer
Meeting with Kyle Chapman and Anne Clement

Amtrak Corporate Headquarters
Meeting with Frances Bourne and others
White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Meeting with Kellyn Blossom, Associate Director

U.S. Department of Transportation

It was not noted if each meeting would be attended by all four men.

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Dirt-to-Cash said...

Gotta get the taxpayers to pay for the new connector road, so the developers don't have to pay for them and they can maximize their profits!!

Anonymous said...

Amtrak??? Better not mess with that ice rink! Or maybe it's that piece of property on Elk Grove-Florin? Either way, I'm sure this will be very "transparent"!

Ralph Cramden said...

Maybe Mr. Cooper is trying to get some money for light rail to Elk Grove. Oops, how silly of me, he said that it will never come to Elk Grove in his lifetime.

Sarah Johnson said...

I am absolutely delighted to know that they are even talking to ANYONE about passenger rail service. However, it is not Amtrak they should be talking to, but Union Pacific. Amtrak OPERATES passenger rail service, but does not own the right-of-way.

Chip Douglas said...

Lodi has an Amtrak stop, then it heads to Sac. If they expect Amtrak to stop in EG when Sac. is only 15 miles away is pure fantasy. Inter-city commute lines is what Light Rail is for!! But our leaders didn't want the "those kind of people" coming to EG, so no light rail here. I can see it now, EG offers to build the Amtrak station if they will commit to stopping here. Ha! Grab your wallets and purses, EG leaders are on another shopping spree!

Sarah Johnson said...

Actually, it is not Amtrak, but rather commuter rail (ACE) that will serve Elk Grove residents the best and wants to stop here. If you do a little research before you make these inflammatory remarks, it will be helpful.

Jill said...

To Sarah's point, what ever alphabet-soup transit systems we get in Elk Grove be it ACE or AMTRAK, it would be a great amenity. Don't forget the Capitol Corridor stops in Davis, about a 10 minute ride from the downtown Sac AMTRAK station, so the distance between Elk Grove and downtown is probably slightly greater.

I just hope Cooper and Davis, and especially our high-powered lobbyist can shake some money from the tree. Bera is going to have a tough run of it next year, so time could be of the essence. God knows Detrick or Hume would be loath to lobby for transit funds.

Anonymous said...

They want to do something good for Elk Grove and people still want to complain. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

It's good only if they are not dipping into my pocketbook or issuing bonds like Stockton infamously did!

Anonymous said...

If the City Council was transparent like they all claim to be, then we wouldn't have to always be guessing what's going on. Not even a mention last meeting of where two of their members were. Thanks to EGN for at least trying to probe and unveil the news we are entitled to!!!

Anonymous said...

As a taxpayer here in Elk Grove I think the city should have mentioned the absence of these two councilmembers...seeing as our tax dollars make it possible for them to attend such meetings. Why all the secrecy?? What are they hiding??

Anonymous said...

Oh they may talk a little EG shop with lower level staffers but I'm pretty sure they'll also enjoy some White House Tours, ask for some backing for their own political aspirations and Gary may also put in a few plugs for his charter school friends. Anything to do with tax payer money like this where they are representing our best interest, then they better make it clear to us when and what they're saying so we can provide our input.

Another example of how theses council members think they can do what they want. Time for change and people that are pro Davis or the rest of them, then start filling us in on what they've done well because I'm hard pressed to think of anything that didn't serve their needs over ours.

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