Elk Grove City Council To Approve Formal Letter to LAFCo Seeking 12 Sq. Mile Expansion

September 20, 2013 | When the Elk Grove City Council meets next Wednesday night, they will vote on the content of the formal letter t...

September 20, 2013 |

When the Elk Grove City Council meets next Wednesday night, they will vote on the content of the formal letter to be sent in the planned 12 square mile expansion of Elk Grove.

That letter, which will be sent to the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission (Sacramento LAFCo), is part of the legal process the city is taking to expand the city through the so-called sphere of influence (SOI) application. The city's goal is to put the 12 square miles, which lies on the city's south side, under its sphere of influence for planning purposes and eventual annexation.

In the draft letter council members and Mayor Gary Davis are expected to adopt, they will acknowledge but minimize opposition to the SOI saying "there has been a small but vocal opposition to the City’s 
application who have addressed the Commission on several occasions to make numerous accusations 
and raise concerns."

Elk Grove residents and numerous environmental groups have vigorously opposed the expansion citing environmental and suburban sprawl concerns.

The city council's charge has been led by Davis and Council Member Pat Hume who have provided alternately different justifications for the proposed expansion. Davis has long said the city needs the massive expansion to correct the city's severe jobs to houses imbalance while Hume has stated that businesses will not locate to the area until more houses are built.

Davis and Hume were both first elected to the city council in 2006 aided by large contributions from building trade unions and housing developers.

Wednesday's meeting starts at 6 p.m.    

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Anonymous said...

Mayor Davis, as Sir Terry would say "Vision can be a madness where you get so obsessed you throw everything you have got on the roulette table and hope you got it right."

Our Mayor and city council throws around a phrase "the people" when you only mean to serve one group and that is NOT the people! To date and recently we have heard from your mouths...Aquatics, MLS Soccer Stadium and now the SOI. It's time IMO, all of you are sent on your merry way before you have us going the way of Bell and it can't happen too soon.

Joe at the bar said...

Or as Joe at the bar would say, get rid of da bums!

Rental Mecca said...


Anonymous said...

What will be built?

Unfortunately, just more of the same. - No direction, no master plan that will stay the course over objections of developers.

This city's managers have a well established that they are ready and willing to set aside well thought out and citizen approved plans at the first request by the developer. Developers that have paid good money to have the council in their pocket.- The problem starts there, because these developers don't live here, they make their money here and leave once it's built out. They don't care what it looks like or what it will look like in 20 years.

We should care. We live here. We have to live with what these developers build and the crap they live behind as they move to the next open space and continue their pillaging of the land there.

- This SOI will cost us all in our home values.

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