Elk Grove, Take Heed - What Becoming a 'Destination' Meant For One City

September 19, 2013 | One of the oft-repeated political sound bites Elk Grove citizens hear from the mouths of our city leaders, parti...

September 19, 2013 |

One of the oft-repeated political sound bites Elk Grove citizens hear from the mouths of our city leaders, particularity Mayor Gary Davis, is their laser-focus desire to make Elk Grove a so-called destination city.  

One of EGN's readers passed along a story about a Southern California city that sought, and has become a destination city. Now many in that city, including a former mayor, have come to regret reaching for and attaining that designation. 

Young in-training Euro soccer hooligan.
That city is Carson, who sought and landed a MLS stadium and franchise. Sound familiar?

Although the story is from 2009, it offers a cautionary evergreen tale. As the saying goes, be careful what your wish for, you might just get it. 

Read the story here.    

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Anonymous said...

Gary Davis...are you listening? Do you see any correlation between Carson and Elk Grove? This is Elk Grove, destination city and all. So this is your lazer-focus vision: Carson City North?? Rethink your grand ideas. Last thing I want is fireworks 60 nights a year over my backyard and rude and drunk drivers in my neighborhood, clamoring for the nearest freeway entrance; while peeing on my lawn. Nice vision.

Falling Home Equity said...

Elk Grove, destination city and city of overriding considerations!

Jill said...

We can only hope Sacramento gets the MLS team first. The attitude of these guys is to shoot first and ask questions later.

Sarah Johnson said...

Eye opening article. Elk Grove is becoming just another "train wreck" and we are just watching it happen!

Billy Bats said...

In fairness, Carson and Elk Grove aren't exact carbon copies of one another, but the broader point is obvious. Carson has a case of buyers remorse.

Should Elk Grove pay for and build a stadium for Fabain Nunez and his SoCal cronies, Elk Grove residents will have sold it soul, and for what? Line the pockets of some people who are already millionaires while taxpayers are left to literally clean up after a bunch of drunken soccer fans?

I think everyone should think long and hard and voice their opinion, be it in opposition or support, and maybe Nunez' punks (you know who you are) on the city council will maybe, just maybe take note if for no other reason than to get keep getting reelected.

Lynn said...


I couldn't agree with you more about watching this train wreck.. Until residents become really angry and build a strong network and force, the train wreck is building up steam! And of course most that "work" for the city and make the plans...well they don't live here. I said it years ago; Elk Grove Developer's Delight...MND is alright....now of course after being at last night's meeting....overriding considerations allow for this poor planning to continue. So people if you don't like the traffic now and the commute across town...think it was mitigated away and residents your quality of life has been mitigated away through "overriding considerations"

Stepford, CA said...

Destination city = minimum wage jobs, but money in the pocket of business owners. Destination city = more sales tax for more city spending sprees, but more traffic and noise for you and me. Destination city = bragging rights for politicians, but does nothing for our property values.

flipper said...

Is that boy flipping off Region Builders and BIA?

Soccer Mullet head said...

Just prepping a p#ss bomb for the post match riot.

Jill said...

This is pretty typical of what comes out of our city leaders. For a price, they'll do the bidding for others.

In this case it was former Assembly Speaker Nunez. It should be noted one of the people hobnobbing with Nunez when he was pitching his scheme to the city was Planning Commissioner and city council candidate Nancy Chaires' husband Pablo Espinoza. Now maybe he was there as a soccer fan, but given his job downtown, something else is probably being orchestrated.

Also I wonder when Mayor Davis and Council Member Cooper made their junket to Carson earlier this (who paid for that?) year to meet with MLS Commissioner Don Garber, if they bothered to talk to city officials in Carson about the stadium and venture out of the luxury box and look at adjoining neighborhoods. They were probably so intoxicated with a sense of self-importance, or at least the perception, they didn't even think about it.

Anonymous said...

The first council was totally developer owned and we voted them out. And what do we have now? Another council developer owned and going to bankrupt the city before they're through. We have a city that is looking neglected, with empty store fronts and no jobs.....and what occupies our councils minds...Aquatics, MLS Soccer Stadium and now more vacant land with more roof tops per the SOI letter drafted by Mayor Davis on the 25th EGCC Agenda. But lets celebrate with a Food Truck bonanza or an Elks Fest that most likely the city is not even receiving the sales tax from. (Per SBE)

EG Steve said...

While I agree that EG is not Carson, the warning signs should be heeded. We need to make sure that the area surrounding this facility is all open space and commercial / industrial.

We also need to insure that the city coffers can afford to fund and maintain such a facility whose use for which it will be built is only seasonal.
That's a huge factor. Otherwise, we taxpayers pay for the council and staff's poor judgement.

Please keep in mind, the city is also planning to build an Olympic size competition pool and accompanying facility that will rival Roseville's SunSplash.

That's a lot of cost riding on the hope of a few city leaders.
- Perhaps we should slow down and take this one major development at a time. Let's make sure we don't end up like Stockton, with wonderful state of the art athletic venues, but bankrupt.

- Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

It's a tough subject because I don't see this as a completely negative move. So far this city has a lot to prove if we want anyone to live here or spend money here. Elk Grove is clearly a poorly planned mess. So, the new facility has to be done right. We definitely need to be sure its surrounding property is commercial only, several blocks from any homes. And maybe it could be more than just seasonal, using it for other public or private events throughout the year. Traffic is an issue for sure. Maybe a parking structure just off the freeway and shuttle buses that transport fans? Perhaps this would also help negate some of the littering and noise? Discount tix offered to those who use the shuttle?

Nothing is going to stop politicians from making decisions which line their pockets. Ever. But we can support those decisions which are also good for the majority of the city's population.

I want to believe something can be done to improve Elk Grove and maybe this is it. BUT let's finish that outlet mall first!!!

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