Moore Pulls Hat-Trick on Elk Grove With TV End Zone Touchdown Dance

September 9, 2013 | Given yesterday was the first full Sunday of the 2013 NFL season, local fast food and gas station developer Gil ...

September 9, 2013 |

Given yesterday was the first full Sunday of the 2013 NFL season, local fast food and gas station developer Gil Moore capped off yesterday's schedule and appeared on a local television news program doing what was essentially an end zone touchdown dance.

Moore's touchdown celebration was for the recent victory he and McDonald's scored over the liberalization of Elk Grove's freeway sign ordinance which will allow his proposed fast food-gas station strip center to advertise on Highway 99.

With his little victory dance Moore essentially scored, to use another sports analogy, a hat-trick.

First, he essentially rubbed salt into the wound of the city's original highway billboard ordinance and the people who spoke in opposition to his successful campaign.

Second, he made Elk Grove look like nothing more than just another stop along Highway 99 to load up on Big Mac's at McDonald's or Subway sandwiches, buy some booze for the road at his beer cave, and top off the tank and load up on some junk food at the AM/PM. Forget about reports on the news about landing a major new employer, we get news about a new fast food outlet.

Is this the city's idea of the type of economic development that is suppose to deliver high-end jobs to the city - a high-end fast food-gas station outlet along the highway? Well they got one of the high-end categories we reckon.

And of course, there is the city council. Moore, as the report insinuates, basically bought off the city council's votes with some well-placed contributions.

For all the talk coming from the Mayor and the City Council on being being laser-focused on economic development, they show that they are either small-minded or grandiose in their approach to developing Elk Grove into something more than a gas stop along 99. More gas stations, more fast food outlets and of course more rooftops - now that is being laser-focused!

Furthermore, Moore has basically said that this project, complete with its beer cave outlet, is going through even though the parcel still needs to be rezoned from high-density residential and be approved for a liquor license. Perhaps he should wait to do his victory dance until AFTER his project has been reviewed by the Planning Commission and placed before the City Council. Unless of course Moore has insider information. 

To use one last sports analogy, given how he has bought influenced the city council, for Moore this is going to be a slam-dunk! 

See video below. 


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Sarah Johnson said...

Leave it to this low -class creep to do something like this. Fits right in with all his previous behavior. HOPELESS! Elk Grove is DOOMED!

Prop Ganda said...

Makes you wonder HOW the TV interview was arranged, and WHO the spin doctors were behind the scenes? Could it be our taxpayer-supported city staff? Just askin'.

R. E. Graswich said...

Dude, what's with the Hawaiian shirts?

Billy Bats said...

For all that we know about the influence of Pappas or Tsakopoulos has in Elk Grove and Sacramento, I won't know either one if I passed them in the street or was bellied up next to them in a bar.

This Moore character must be some sort of megalomaniac. Just build your strip center and fade away, please!

too embarrassed to leave my name said...

For anyone who had any doubt about the "(lack of) integrity" or motives behind what goes on at EG City Hall, Mr. Moore just put the last nail in that coffin.

His actions and statements tell us all that he has city hall in his pocket. Our city council has been bought off.

- What a piece of work this guy is. Bites the hand that feeds him and embarrasses our city and the leaders who have agreed to make him millions for a small pittance into their political coffers.

- Anyone recall Bell?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, build that Mickey D's Mr. Moore. Hope you do a better job at keeping the property up than what you've shown residents so far! We just love looking at the gang graffiti and all those lovely weeds. Such a wonderful addition to the city!

And yeah, we get it. All that lovely money you gave Detrick keeps his mouth shut regarding the state of your property; money cures a lot of ills one of which would be poor eyesight. Detrick drives by your eyesore every day.

No More Moore said...

I wonder if Steve Detrick and family were standing off camera with their signs, "Thanks for the $25K Gil!" or "Are you taking us on another ski trip?!" Though Detrick couldn't vote because of was a conflict of interest, you can bet he is taking credit for pushing this through.

Less please - we had had more than enough of Gil Moore!

Anonymous said...

Gil Moore is either pretty stupid or he has this council's tail. This project hasn't even been reviewed yet by Planning and he is already indicating the project is a done deal. What does he know that we don't? He lacks tack for sure; but wonder who decided calling the media was a good idea? Did the city know about this public relations attempt? Perhaps a boycot of the businesses at this site is in order. I have already decided I won't be purchasing anything from any of those vendors/businesses. Moore just leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

Thomas A. Anderson said...

Make no mistake, Mr. Moore is going to get his gas station and McDonald's, but I think the council members and Mayor Davis will be tapping that keg a few more times. It is no small coincidence he still has a couple hoops to jump through.

Moore has been proven to be an easy mark, and if there is anything a politician likes, its an easy mark. So Moore will cough up more cash to go through these hoops.

What a dog and pony show this has become.

Anonymous said...

No one. Not one single person spoke in protest to the change. Despite the usual crowd of rabble-rousers... Not one person objected. So, next time, if any of you have objections, go to council and make your voice heard.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 17:17:
Some of us did initially speak out against the change and were verbally attacked. But we are not stupid, we knew early on that the fix was in and so why waste our time?

Anonymous said...

Moore never gave one damn dime to any current council member before this project. He filed his plans and then gave Detrick $10K!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 17;17;

I can longer speak @ council meetings. I've been run off and threatened.

I did however, submit a memo that was included in the council's packet asking the council to deny the application for the sign modification, as did several others that I know of.

Anyone that doesn't see eye-to-eye with the city staff and council gets ignored or worse.

- That's why no one spoke vs the sign ordinance. Our thoughts are well known by staff and council.

Anonymous said...


I'd sure like some details about that. Care to share?

I do agree that the citizens comments at the meetings are largely ignored, and it's clear that the developers always get their wish.

I don't recall a developer ever getting denied his plan.

Mr. Moore looks more and more sleazy every time I see or hear him speak. His comments on CH 13 were quite telling.

It's a sad state of affairs for our city.

I believe it would be in the citizen's best interests to vote out each city council member as they come up for re-election. Time for new blood all around. None of the current council has the city's best interests in mind...and don't get me started on Randy Starbuck who has done absolutely nothing the enhance our city but has taken a large salary.

Anonymous said...

Actually I thought his appearance On TV only backed up my sense of his overbearing self-worth and self-importance that has been displayed at numerous council meetings and
further made it clear he has our staff and city council under control. Thumbed his nose at the citizens of Elk Grove for sure. Furthermore he did this before the property has even gone before planning & council for a rezone to commercial. Not that there will be a problem there...already paid his dues!

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 7:12...I also no longer attend city council meetings due to the grief I get when I do attend. I am always respectful of the council but I do tell them when I do not agree with them. I state my reasons and usually tell them of my concerns about transparency. At times, I get questioned by them and leave the podium upset, mad and bitter. Although I can say I don't think I have been "threatened" I have felt like I've been hit by a train. I feel for the guy above if his sense/perception is there has been some hint of retaliation or worse from this council. I certainly would not put it past this group of self-important aristocrats to lean on a few citizens.

Singing Cowboy said...

"My name is! Walkin', talkin', tell me where the cameras are, cuz I'm a Hawaiian shirt wearin' fella with a story to tell ya. My trucks may be fulla gas, my bank accounts may be fulla, and my lungs may be fulla hot air, but I got me a sign over yonder, and a rezone for ya to ponder. I may not be Greek, and I may not be on the A-list, but I got me two beef patties and special sauce headed your way!"

Anonymous said...

Gil Moore is a business man. He knows how the game is played. He knows what it takes to get a project approved. I think we're all irriated because we all hoped our council would act differently than past councils. This is no different outcome than in the past. Play the game; get your project. Why are all you so surprised?? This is business as usual. Sad but true.

Lt. Frank Drebin said...

Move along folks, nothin' to see here.

Anonymous said...

Just another step towards Elk Grove becoming Stockton north.

Elk Grove thriving!

Ugly strip malls, congestion, lousy employment base, high density low income housing projects and now this!

Elk Grove is cementing its reputation as the laughing stock of the Sacramento Valley.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, all true and the cc doesn't see it.

Gorfdog said...

You have to remember that the city council is focused on the city's economy - this project will bring good-paying jobs and, after the construction is done, then we will be left with jobs such as fast food workers, liquor store employees, beer-cave servers, and grocery baggers(all honorable labor in their own right). We'll also need more bike paths for these workers to get to work, and more affordable housing which will provide those well-paying, but temporary, construction jobs and contractor donations to our right honorable elected servants of the donors. A gas station would also be good for the project too, as the home-and-car-affording good citizens of our bedroom community leave to got to their well-paying jobs in cities ruled by leaders who see beyond the next election cycle.
It is kinda amazing that the Aloha Shirt is the puppeteer of the suits, and, he opens the door for all the rest by changing the law for the foreseeable future.
"What is Elk Grove becoming?" What say you!
Say it to them - I am talking to you lurkers peering into this virtual screen like I was, and no more- tell ours leaders how you feel. As one Planning Commissioner said years ago, "If they are silent then they approve of the project."

Eastside Susan said...


The city leaders read this and know how the passionate feel about our city. Many spoke at the several previous meetings regarding this matter and voiced strong and well thought out opposition. Many wrote to the council when this item was brought to council for review, again voicing our displeasure, reasons, and even less intrusive solutions. - None of the opposition writings were even acknowledged by the council.
- Some have said they have been run off and others even threatened by the staff and council for exercising their rights.

- Perhaps that is why no one spoke up at the last meeting. Let's be honest, the money had changed hands and the writing was on the wall.

-This was a done deal long before it was agendized.

Anonymous said...

"What is Elk Grove becoming?" What say you!

Elk Grove is going to be where the trailer park, the ghetto and the barrio come together.

Beer Cave? This city sure is getting trashy!

Jeff O said...

To the previous poster, of course on public blog sites you get extreme comments but for many it's venting growing frustration. We may not be a barrio, ghetto ... But do you think our city is heading in the right direction, do you not see that the only thing transparent about this council is how much they operate in their own best interests. Where are our standards, what specific ideas does our council have to make our city better - not counting bad aquatic park RFPs and soccer stadiums. Which of them is actively talking to business leaders about investing in Elk Grove, how are they holding staff accountable - what has Randy Starbuck done to earn his pay.

We need uncompromising resolution, we need passion, we need real leaders.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

I agree with Jeff O above. The comments here might be hyperbole, but they are done out of frustration.

I to am frustrated, but what the hell, it is just our life's savings they are toying with.

I decided to stay in Sacramento after serving our country and initial settled with my family along Florin Road in the Southgate Plaza area. Specifically in Parkway Estates.

At the time the area was fairly new and nice. Within a few years the bad decisions made downtown became more and more obvious, so we pulled up stakes and came south to Elk Grove.

When the city incorporated, there was a lot of enthusiasm over the prospect of so-called "local control" and having our own police force.

Oh sure, we got our increased patrols, but as for "local control," in the words of Pete Townsend, "the new boss is same as the old boss."

A lot of us were sold a bill of goods. There were a few wise people like Suzanne Peschi who warned us, but we were so excited to be free of the BOS, we buried our collective heads in the sand.

As has been said, those who don't remember history are condemned to repeat it. We are repeating the sad and unfortunate history of South Sacramento.

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