Sac Bee Part of 'Small But Vocal Opposition' to Elk Grove's Huge Expansion Scheme

September 25, 2013 | In an editoria l published today, the Sacramento Bee can now include itself in the "small but vocal opposit...

September 25, 2013 |

In an editorial published today, the Sacramento Bee can now include itself in the "small but vocal opposition" to the City of Elk Grove's planned expansion.

Titled "Elk Grove should concentrate on jobs in its existing core," the Bee's editorial staff came out in opposition to the city's sphere of influence application that seeks to annex up to 8,000-acres on the city's current southern border. The editorial said the proposed area of annex "would promote sprawl, eat up valuable farmland and destroy precious wildlife habitat."

The editorial also noted even though Mayor Gary Davis is seeking a smaller 4,800-acre annexation, "given current growth projections for Elk Grove and the region, even that pared down expansion cannot be justified."

At their meeting tonight, the Elk Grove City Council will review an initial draft letter to the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission that formally seeking annexation of the 8,000-acres. In that draft, it noted there "has been a small but vocal opposition to the City’s application who have addressed the Commission on several occasions to make numerous accusations and raise concerns."

Tonight's meeting starts at 6 p.m.

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Small Miracles said...

The staff report referring to that "small minority of citizens," which was a bit insulting, is probably referring to GRASP.

Remember what Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

So GRASP, change the small part of this world we call Elk Grove!

Showdown said...

Davis wants to scale down the SOI to a little over half. Hume wants it all. Another showdown at city hall tonight over the SOI!

Davis won the first round with EGCAPP and WAG on his side to get the floodplain out. Hume is probably still stinging from that loss because of his promises to the land owners.

Since it appears Davis is working alone here this time out with strong citizen backup, will he be successful in fighting Hume once again? Odds are he will not!

This editorial is setting the stage for another "Showdown at City Hall!" After they draw their verbal guns, but who will be left standing?

Should be a pretty good show. Whose bringing the popcorn?

Showdown said...

Correction to above which is important: Davis appears to be working alone without strong citizen back up.

A little arrogance on our Mayor's part, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hume, Trigg and Detrick will all vote yes. Hume was put in his seat by the landowners and developers to get the SOI pushed through. I'm sure he was a disappointment to same when he was unable to keep the flood plain in.

I'm curious as to the 4800 acres Davis wants to reduce the SOI down to. It seems a compromise would be 50% or 4000 acres. Whose property is he wanting to carve in or out?

The letter is going to LAFCO. We can only hope that LAFCO rejects Elk Grove's application.

Col. Walter E. Kurtz said...

I envision Cooper and Davis going along party lines and pushing for a reduced SOI, Hume and Detrick following their lines and wanting the whole enchilada--and voila...that leaves Trigg ("I've been meeting with staff") as the swing vote! Get down to City Hall tonight to watch the fireworks :)

Janey D said...

Watch these "leaders" sell out it's citizens for the all mighty buck!

If anyone can get to city hall, get there and tell them to drop this fiasco that will further erode our city and home values. Tell them to get their hands out of the developer's pockets and do what is right for the future of our city!

Tell them the Sac Bee today had it right! This is a bad idea that won't help those of us who live here.

Anonymous said...

I rarely agree with the Bee on anything, but this time they got it right; or at least half right. This SOI is not citizen driven or citizen sought. This is 110% developer driven and this council should be ashamed to be even considering expanding our borders. Let's see, how well have they done so far with the 42 square miles that is Elk Grove? Half built mall; crazy water park idea; even more crazier MLS idea; one of the highest foreclosure rates in California; strip mall dying every day; too many homes and not enough jobs; and the list can go on and on and on...and with this track record, they want to approve 4,000-8,000 more acres? What the hell are they smoking?? This SOI is a power play for land..that's all it is...more land equal more homes that equals more money in the developers pocket. Nothing about this SOI will benefit EG as a whole.

Doc Bricker said...

They will "plan" the SOI just like they are doing for the Southeast Area Plan-"hybrid zoning"! Hybrid zoning=anything goes!

Jill said...

Good to see The Bee has voiced their opinion on this money grab. I just wonder if they have any regrets endorsing Davis for Mayor now. If a decently funded reasonable candidate can be recruited to run for Mayor, I think Davis is vulnerable in 2014. Davis, in the words of Dan Rather, is a "wimp" and his little empire could collapse like a house of cards.

Anonymous said...

All of you who speak out against the SOI here need to attend tonight's council meeting and speak up "on the record." - We need new blood to speak up, new citizens that care about the future of the city. They ignore the "regulars' who take their time and effort to attend and speak on your behalf.

If you can't attend or are afraid of public speaking, sent a letter now. It can still become part of the record. You can still be heard. Go to the city's web site and click on "City Council Members." All of their contact info is right there.

Let them know you are against this hair-brained idea to expand. -

It's speak no or don't complain when there's 15,000 more cars on I-5 and 99 on your daily commute.

Anonymous said...

All of their email addresses are here.....

Anonymous said...

"In that draft, it noted there "has been a small but vocal opposition to the City’s application who have addressed the Commission on several occasions to make numerous accusations and raise concerns." "
So, when you oppose EG city, you are labeled and your concerns are determined to be "accusations".... and you wonder why residents rarely attend meetings and/or share concerns with the council. Even Detrick at the meeting two weeks ago made a snarky comment about a resident who actually spoke up about something a city employee had done that was helpful. Detrick’s comment was something like "finally, someone who isn't critical." HEY DETRICK, WAKE UP!! This is why attendance is down and no one in their right minds would come forward with any "concerns". Stupid comments like this keep us away. And our concerns are somehow “accusations”. That entire statement that city clerk Jason makes before each meeting is just plain BS…”citizens are welcomed to address the council, blah, blah, blah…”
So, to all those “accusationists” out there, put on your body armor and keep on participating in the process. Even though you are just naysayers or troublemakers or accusationist, it’s your right. Don’t let stupid comments like the one Detrick made persuade you to stay home. I am sure they’d all love it if NO ONE showed at these meetings. They could get through these pesky public hearing rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Detrick even made comments to Davis last night over this issue because Davis disagreed with him.

No one is allowed to disagree with Detrick. He is the bully on the dais and no one is immune.

Staff should have been called out for putting that statement in the letter. Where is that come from? City Manager Laura Gill?

Anonymous said...

Steve Detrick....Dan Briggs reincarnated!

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