Elk Grove Planning Commission OKs Moore Project, Moves to City Council

December 20, 2013 | Notwithstanding a last minute request to delay their decision, on Thursday night the Elk Grove Planning Commission ap...

December 20, 2013 |

Notwithstanding a last minute request to delay their decision, on Thursday night the Elk Grove Planning Commission approved a rezone for a project that has generated considerable controversy since it first surfaced almost two years ago.

That project, the so-called Moore project which sought a rezone of a five-acre lot on the corner of Sheldon Road and East Stockton Blvd., was unanimously approved by the planning commission. Developer Gil Moore intends to open a strip center including a McDonald's, AM/PM gas station, a restaurant and office facilities.

Gil Moore tells the planning commission his project will be a good neighbor.
While the rezone met some resistance, the most controversial element of the project has centered on Moore's and McDonald's successful lobbying of council member to change the city's highway sign ordinance to allow a billboard on Highway 99 for the project. Leading up to the city council's unanimous vote to alter the ordinance and prior to their hearing the project, Moore made large campaign contributions to all of the current council members except for Bob Trigg and to charitable causes supported by former Council Member Sophia Sherman.

Appearing on behalf of developer Angelo Tsakopoulos, who owns the parcel adjacent to the Moore project, was attorney Matt Keasling who asked the commission to continue the matter for three or four weeks so further traffic analysis could be conducted. Keasling contended the traffic analysis contained in the recirculated environmental impact report did not accurately measure the effects the project will have on traffic.  

"It is a serious concern that we feel needs to be addressed," he said.

Keasling also noted that they were not made aware of this until last Friday following a meeting with city staff.

Also speaking was Elk Grove resident Sharon Anderson who expressed concern over safety of pedestrian children from increased traffic, noise and the effect of fumes from the McDonald's on nearby residential neighbors. Anderson also noted that pressure may have been applied on the planning commissioners to approve the project.

"You are probably feeling a lot of pressure to approve this project," she said. "I hope you also feel the pressure from Sarah Johnson, or myself."

"Have you ever smelled a McDonald's or Burger King when they are cooking," Anderson added. "It doesn't smell good if you want to have your windows open."   

During the deliberations leading to their approval, commissioners denied Keasling's request saying there has been more than adequate traffic studies and brushed off Anderson's contention by collectively saying no political pressure was exerted on them to approve Moore's project.   

"Certainly no one tells this planning commissioner how to vote," Commissioner Nancy Chaires said.

The matter now moves to the city council for final approval. 

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PC Caved said...

The council didn't apply pressure! Can you imagine the wrath from Moore after he dumped all that money into the council's pockets if the planning commission didn't approve his project.

Also did anyone catch that Moore said his security team will be take a photo of every license plate that enters his strip mall.

You will never catch my car anywhere near any of his businesses. Moore will never get one damn dime of my money!

Anonymous said...

The Planning Commission doesn't have the power to make the final decision, the City Council does. So why would anyone waste their time putting political pressure on the Planning Commission. They are kings without a kingdom.

Anonymous said...

The Moore project was preapproved by the city council and their comments are on the record. If the planning commission had any integrity, they would have all abstained and sent the project straight to the council.

A very bad precedent has now been set and what is to say other developers won’t do the same thing. How is the public assured we will ever receive a fair process now?

Silverado Homes is going to be the next controversial project. One look at the council’s 460’s ending 12/31/13 – and we will see how that vote will go as well.

Nancy Chaires, “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks." Thank you for showing who you really are before anyone makes the mistake of voting for you!

Anonymous said...

Smells like Sour Grapes and that makes a lot of Sour Wine-ing!

Anonymous said...

The PC'ers are correct in that they probably did not feel the wrath of Gil Moore. The PCing is just a "technical" body that reviews set backs, driveways, speed bumps and the like. It is the city council's job to determine if the project is worthy for approval.

Ms. Chaires did seems to protest too much...and it appears by the letterhead of the PC's agenda that Ms. Chaires now is known as Chaires-Espinnosa! REALLY?? Is this another Sherman-
Gonzalez name game. The hispanic sir name comes out in election years and then tucked away until needed again. I'm getting tired of such games. This tells me she is a politican and not just someone interested in "helping her community" as she likes to say. She appears to me to be a polished politican. Just what we DON'T need here. Nancy, you have become soemone I cannot support. You asked few to no questions last night and showed again you are content to just go with the flow.

Gil Moore mentioned "soliciation problems" at one of his other locations. SOLICIATION??? OMG, this is getting worse by the minute. And taking pictures of each license plate that enters his strip mall? OK, this leads me to believe he is EXPECTING trouble.

OK, the planning commissioners also seemed to swallow the line that Moore spoon fed them about how Moore's family members will be working at his strip mall and how this somehow shows his connection to the community. I call "BS" on that. There is no way Moore's wife, kids or grandkids are going to working at a stop-and-rob next to a freeway on ramp. Moore continues to lie to our leaders and our leaders allow these half truths without question.

The deliberations lasted all of 9 minutes with the next 6 mintues talking about how there was no pressure on them and that no one tells them how to vote, blah, blah, blah. Not much thought, input or discussion for such a project.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Planning commissions are without exception, meaningless. Have you even seen this or any council follow their recommendation? Think of St. Marie Goretti or the recent sign ordinance matter. They are merely a political patronage system meant to groom people to climb the ladder. Can you say Pat Hume or Nancy Chaires?

Elliot Spitzer said...

Solicitation? Really? Where? Give me the address, I'll be right over!

Huggy Bear said...

Those are my girls, leave em' alone Elliott.

Anonymous said...

From printerd hawaiian shirts, is Moore now sporting a bullet proof vest?! Seems like nothing/nobody can stop him anymooore! He's such a pain!!

Anonymous said...

Some things I did not hear mentioned at last nights meeting were...types of lighting in parking areas and signs on buildings - outdoor trash disposal containers for each business - types & numbers of trees bordering neighbors (evergreen pretty vague) - ?? outdoor tables & seating at McDonalds - most likely more. Outdoor trash containers were not required at the new McDonalds on Bruceville & Whitelock and there is trash all over the neighborhood. This is a hugh complex that needed to be vetted more than the few minutes. What was so laughable was the double yellow lines to eliminate left turns. Really now...gonna patrol that 24/7? Heck the church on Bradshaw has no left turns and people do it every day. Most likely take a tragic accident to fix that little loophole there.

Why did the planning dept. think it necessary to comment about not receiving anything from the builder ....we all know you're appointed by the city council and do their bidding. Pretty much answers where you would go with this project.

Anonymous said...

The Devil's Daughters gave it their best effort to block this project and they had an epic failure!

Great job by the Planning Commission to see through the lame excused used to try and block this project.

Frances Clements said...

Well Anon 10:53 (wouldn't be a Gil Mooreite would you?), I guess I'm one of the Devil's kin. I'm opposed to this project for many reasons, one being the way it has gone down, but more importantly specific details of the project that were just pushed aside.

Traffic issues were not accounted for. The PC used a traffic study done on an adjacent property to mitigate traffic from Moore's project. One of my siblings agrees with me that there is a potential lawsuit here from that adjacent property owner.

This was a back door deal, brokered through the campaign contribution door, but it is by no means down.

Good luck oil man, I really do think you're going to need it.

Roger Sterling said...

Of course if you ask any of our electeds, they will swear up down that in no way is their vote influenced by money. Maybe they ought to take the advice of Henry Ford II when he was arrested for drunk driving in the company of a woman who was not his wife. When asked by reporters about the incident, Ford simply said "Never complain, never explain."

Anonymous said...

When you are elected or appointed to the City Council and Planning Commission, does each member get special training on how to deal with the crazy people that come before them and send crazy emails and phone calls? You could not pay me enough to put up these crazy people!

Thank you to our City Council Members and Planning Commission Members for your service!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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