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January 11, 2014 | Today marks the sixth anniversary of Elk Grove News. To mark the occasion, we first want to thank our loyal re...

January 11, 2014 |

Today marks the sixth anniversary of Elk Grove News.

To mark the occasion, we first want to thank our loyal readers who visit EGN, comment and contribute. Without you, well, why bother?

We also acknowledge all the contributors who have selflessly provided our readers with material over the last six years. What other hyper-local site can provide timely movie reviews or an on-going account of the California Delta's epic water battles?

If not for regular contributors like Gary Chew and Dan Bacher, and countless others, there would be a large void on EGN. And of course, a very special thank you to our copy editor-readers who catch our typis typos and omissions.   

As for the numbers, in the last six years we have had over 1.2 million page views; the record month was September, 2013 were there over 39,000 pageviews for the month. In our first month, way back in January, 2008, we had a total of 45 pageviews with that number increasing to 1,002 in February 2008.

We are very pleased this January is starting off very fast with over 16,000 page views through yesterday. Based on this pace, we expect a new record for pageviews will be established this first month of 2014, so thank you!

It is noteworthy that our peak month to date was last September, shortly after we launched our mobile app. Since that time, pageviews are just about evenly split between traditional computers, tablets and mobile devices with the trend of the latter two quickly ascending.  We are in the process of launching an iPhone app, so we expect mobile devices and tablets will be the overwhelming way our readers access EGN.

Of course we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the source material for the majority of our copy - our local elected officials and bureaucrats. While these officials on occasion are annoyed by EGN and other media outlets, it is worth remembering that our Founding Fathers recognized the need for people to speak freely and a functioning free press as vital cogs to keep governments from devolving into tyrannies. It was so important these rights were written into the First Amendment. 

These principles are as important today as they were over 200 years ago.    


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Doc Bricker said...

Happy Anniversary Dan! You are the best news source in Elk Grove, because you report on events before, or shortly after they happen (not days afterward). You offer thoughtful political analysis and opinion, regardless of your critics who believe the press should be neutral. If we want neutral we will move to Stepford! Happy 2014!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary. I am glad to have your news outlet at my disposal. the EGCitizen is a laughing stock. herburger is a fool who should have closed the presses years ago. at least your outlet is current; sassy and all opinions welcomed. thanks for giving us an outlet to vent. too bad the council doesn't read your newspaper. they would learn a lot about the attitudes; opinions and problems that persist in our community. and just maybe they would try to fix our problems instead of kissing developer's asses. keep on trucking EGN

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