Elk Grove Wayfinding Signs on Their Way This Year

January 13, 2014 | UPDATED As part of its plan to promote itself as a   tourist destination, the City of Elk Grove is pursuing sever...

January 13, 2014 | UPDATED

As part of its plan to promote itself as a   tourist destination, the City of Elk Grove is pursuing several avenues to attract visitors. While the city is utilizing various media including a Twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube channel, the production of videos and a new website called InElkGrove.com, a more practical consideration, should the city succeed in enticing tourist, will soon take shape.

To facilitate the anticipated influx of tourists, the city's so-called wayfinding signs are scheduled to be installed some time this year. As the name implies, wayfinding signs help visitors unfamiliar with the area find their way to the city's various attractions and places of interest.

As detailed in the city's fiscal year 2014 budget (see page 149), $387,000 has been allocated to the initial phase of the program. Although the city hopes to add dynamic electronic signs in years to come, the initial phase will include signs similar to those already installed in the Elk Grove Auto Mall.

According to Elk Grove spokesperson Christine Brainerd, the city plans on installing between 30 and 50 signs during fiscal year 2014 which ends on June 30.

"Staff is currently working on finalizing the criteria for defining destinations and identifying the locations for the first set of signs," Brainerd added.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if we get a break for buying signs in bulk

Walmart, Walmart, Walmart
McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds, etc.........
Grace's Coffee.

Sarah Johnson said...

Bad idea, bad concept, bad design, bad waste of money!

Anonymous said...

That Auto Mall sign is terrible. Do you need 22 individual logos when "Automall Straight Ahead" would work just fine (everything's the same direction). LOL

I believe some trail signage is included and that's much needed. I've already heard "how will I access the new Hwy 99 bike/ped bridge?" to many times.

Anonymous said...

Just late last year was our first time to see the wayfinding signs placed in the auto mall. What a joke that was...we had to stop our car to even read them. Who in the heck thought that was a good idea and a smart way to spend our tax dollars? Can't even imagine what the city has planned for this new venture and scares me to even think about it based on prior decisions they've made.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why the auto mall dealership owners weren't asked to pay for the signs that will/would/might drive customers to them? Why is the city subsidizing signs for private businesses? My tax dollars could be much better spent on fixing sidewalks or managing traffic in front of Franklin HS. Tell me, why are our tax dollars being used in this manner??

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the city also gave some of the new dealers some advertising cash as well.

Anonymous said...

If Automall wants these then they can pay.

This was a total WASTE of money!

The signs are not visible, potential target for vandals.

Anonymous said...

It's easy for politicians to spend other people's money!

Robert P said...

Did anyone look at the sign above? It points ahead (the same direction) to EVERY dealership. Really?? We need a sign for this?

We spend our tax money on these signs? I agree the dealerships should be financing these signs, not the city.

Regardless, they are unreadable if you're driving by at the speed limit. You literally have to stop on the street to read them.

...and we are going to spend another $385,000 of our tax money to build more of these?

There are so many other needs we have in this city that that money could be used for. Example; working with EGUSD to eliviate the issues at Toby Johnson MS and Franklin HS. - What a mess, and our council's response is for the neighborhood to put up gates?

How disrespectful to the community. I only wish Detrick was up for reelection in 2014. He would get smoked by anyone who ran. What an egotistical primadonna.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what we could have done had this amount of money been spent on bringing some decent paying jobs into the area? Instead it's being spent on councils wish lists....electeds who have no idea what it takes to build a strong city. Most likely with feedback from our EDD, Mr. Starbuck, who has no history of ever bringing anything to the table in his life. Of course we do have Food Trucks on expensive property and a Coffee Kiosk....maybe we are making progress, who knows?

As for Mr. Detrick...he only won by default! Run "Joe the Plumber" against him and he's history!

Anonymous said...

So does that mean Gil Moore will get Wayfinding signs for his McDonalds? I see no diffence. Private business....favorite son...political contributor = Wayfinding signs. When will this nonsense stop? I suspect only when the city council runs out of money. Next thing up, a Wayfinding sign for the city's newest coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

"A Free Coffee Program" for the city of Elk Grove would only be one of the steps for our Mayor to take in making this a Destination City and as an example of how the Wayfinding signs on the Freeways welcome the tourists to this city.

Lynn said...

Yes...I do suspect the nonsense will stop when the city council runs out of spending "our money=tax payer money". If all of this was their own personal monies would they be spending in this manner?
I think the wayfinding signs at the automall....disgusting! I would be asking for a refund....and yet our leaders are buying more! We do have wayfinding signs; "first public library" "old town elk grove"...

Anonymous said...

30-50 Wayfinding signs? Are you kidding me....has our city gone completely mad? All you have to do is drive down Laguna Blvd. or EG Blvd. and you can see it all, it's right in your face! The taxpayers of this city should protest how our monies are being spent by all these _____!

Sign Overkill said...

The Elk Grove City Council seems to have a sign fetish! They fall right in line after the money to change the sign ordinance for Gil “The greatest thing since white bread” Moore and now these wayfinding signs which cost a bundle of money.

But the council doesn't like or want sign wavers or the electronic signage some small business owners can afford. Small business owners came before the council asking for some assistance, but were turned away. I guess they didn't have the money Moore was throwing around; so they received no attention.

We were given a load of crap from the city council when they approved the automall reader board that they wouldn’t turn our city into bunch of billboards. But here they are; only called by a different name
What was interesting is that the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce was all over the change in the sign ordinance and the wayfinding signs but were nowhere to be found when small business owners were pleading with council for some advertising help.

So where is the city’s sign advertising the overkill: Welcome to Sign Pollution!

Anonymous said...

The sign should say:


Anonymous said...

We need to make this city more inviting to all the tourists that flock here...how about we consider these ideas?




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