With Tonight's Moore Rezone Approval All But Certain, When Will Be The Groundbreaking?

January 22, 2014 | Tonight when the Elk Grove City Council approves Gil Moore's rezone - and make no mistake they will approve it - t...

January 22, 2014 |

Tonight when the Elk Grove City Council approves Gil Moore's rezone - and make no mistake they will approve it - the gas station and fast food developer will have, with the placement of tens-of-thousands of dollars of well-placed campaign contributions, achieved a rare triple feat. 

Using a baseball analogy, you could say Moore hit the developers' cycle.

Gil Moore - hitting for the cycle?
Not only will the fast food impresario have managed to open up the flood gates to literally clutter up area freeways by getting the Elk Grove City Council to loosen up hard-fought highway sign regulations so all those tourists coming here can be enticed to stop and sample Elk Grove's well-noted cuisine - fast food - but he managed to convince the city council to rezone his parcel from high density housing to commercial during a planning phase where the city is actually considering rezoning a nearby commercial lot to high density housing.

Of course, the mayor and council members will swear up and down the tens-of-thousands of dollars Moore coughed up had nothing to do with their votes. Perhaps.

Only those four men know for sure when they look at themselves in the mirror every morning if they are being bought and sold like pigs at a livestock auction. We all know where those porkers end up. 

But for Moore, there is one other thing he was able to accomplish - he seems to have punked other developers. A relative new comer to the group of developers wielding influence at city hall, Moore trumped a few developers with deeper ties, and maybe even deeper pockets, in his quest to build the new McDonald's and AM/PM gas station that Elk Grove residents have been clamoring for. 

It will be worth monitoring how these other developers, who in turn were also punked by the city council, spend their money. Will they double down and give more to the council members or finance other candidates who might be more amenable to their needs? Will these developers feel like they were double-crossed or just mark it up to the cost of doing business? 

This may take some time to play out, so for now, let's just look forward to Moore's groundbreaking ceremony and see just who from the city council shows up. 


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Council Shovels said...

Ground breaking! I can see the TV cameras all lining up on Sheldon Road. And standing behind Mr. Gil “Greatest Thing Since White Bread” Moore will be the Elk Grove City Council with their shovels cleaning up the sh** and the graffiti on the property he's too full of himself to notice. He will leave the clean up to the council boys he bought and paid for. After all, don’t they shovel sh** at us every second and fourth Wednesday of the month; so they are well trained here.

Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

It is really unfortunate how short-sighted elected officials can be.

At the end, after they have gone through all the campaign money, the expensive dinners and false praise heaped on them, the only thing they are left with is their legacy.

Our city council can add Moore's project and the visual pollution it will bring as part of their legacy.

Instead of having a George Washington type legacy as the founders of the city, they choose to use Warren G. Harding as their role model. How unfortunate.

Michael said...

Double-down or double-cross, I see a doubles tennis team between Elk Grove City Hall and builder/developer/landowners.
And the tax paying public is relegated to the gallery.

Greed is good said...

It will be funny to watch them try to keep a straight face while they tout its jobs and economic benefit! Is Moore gonna reimburse the taxpayers for the contract staff cost to process the sign amendment?

Anonymous said...

Mc Donalds and an AM / PM? Is that the best that Elk Grove can do?

Elk Grove is headed downhill and will become known as South Sacramento south joined at the hip with North Stockton north.

The city will have the visual appeal of an Indian Casino with garish lights a blazing.

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