Elk Grove Adopts Seven Year Housing Plan

February 13, 204 | By a 4-1 vote, the Elk Grove City Council adopted their state-mandated housing plan at last night's regular city...

February 13, 204 |

By a 4-1 vote, the Elk Grove City Council adopted their state-mandated housing plan at last night's regular city council meeting.

The city's plan is part of the Regional Housing Needs Plan (RHNA) allocation which assures a mix of different income housing is available throughout defined regions. The Sacramento Area Council of Governments, of which Elk Grove is governed by, is responsible for compliance and allocation of housing through a six county region that includes Sacramento County.

As part of the process, Elk Grove was required to zone for an additional 3,462 unit for low income housing. To reach that goal, several parcels throughout the city were rezoned.

During a lengthy public comment section on the matter, many residents expressed concern on the possible effects the rezones could have on a range of things including property values, crime and traffic. The rezones will permit high-density housing, most of which will be apartments.

Although much of the comment expressed resistance to the changes, one person faulted the city's long-range planning process that required the widespread and highly unpopular rezones, some of which were in master planned areas.

"This is a lot bigger issue," Elk Grove resident Mark Doty said. "It is due to the over-saturation of single-family homes that have been built in the last 15 years."

Doty went on to say that the numerous rezones to meet RHNA goals are the "result of the policies of you guys and the people before you."

During their deliberations, the council removed one recommendation that sought to rezone a commercial parcel on East Stockton Blvd. between Sheldon and Bond Roads. They also increased density in the city's Southeast Policy area, which is not currently developed, from 20 housing units per acre to 21.

The sole dissenting vote came from Council Member Steve Detrick who opposed the process on philosophical grounds. He also said the rezones, several of which are in master planned developments, were akin to bait-and-switch tactics perpetrated on people buying into these areas.

"I don't believe what is happening here is fair or right," he said. "I will not support this." 

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Trouble in Paradise said...

Hume sure popped Detrick on this item. When Detrick was speaking, Hume was about to jump out of this chair. And then Hume let him have it.

Is the love affair over boys?

Anonymous said...

Hume theatrics.....

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