Elk Grove City Council to Consider Changes to Housing Element Plan

February 7, 2014 | When the Elk Grove City Council meets next Wednesday night, one of the items on a very full agenda they will be co...

February 7, 2014 |

When the Elk Grove City Council meets next Wednesday night, one of the items on a very full agenda they will be considering are changes to the components of the city's 2014-2021 housing element plan.

Among the highlights of the proposed changes include adding 60-acres of lower-income housing that would include up to 1,500 units to the city's last unplanned area, the Southeast Policy Area, consider a rental inspection program administered by code endorsement and a possible housing choice voucher (Section 8) education program. 

As part of the process, the city council will also consider rezoning several parcels to meet the city's Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). This aspect of changes to the city's housing element plan has met stiff opposition from residents near the areas proposed rezoning to meet the city's RHNA allocations.

The 1,558 page summary and environmental impact report can be viewed here

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Capt. Benjamin L. Willard said...

Looks like the city is going to turn the SEPA into a ghetto of sorts. 60 acres of low income housing, 1,500 units. I guess they all figure by the time that is built out, they will all be on to other things and leave it to the citizens and someone else to deal with it - real vision and courage fellas.

Anonymous said...

OR...perhaps we could just place all of them in one place. Build another Walmart & McD's there, the MLS Soccer Stadium and you have it all. Food, clothing & entertainment. What else could anyone want?

Linda said...

Interestingly, Gil Moore's plot of land on Sheldon was zoned for high density residential(i.e. low income housing), until he paid off the city council to have it rezoned for his Mickey Ds an car wash.

If you don't want your neighborhood to include low income housing, the precedent has been set. Pay off your council members. - It's as simple as that.

Coffee Bean said...

Let's see how they handle the Stonelakes people who are not happy that the plan is to put affordable housing in their area. They packed the Planning Commission meeting. My bet is the council backs down in the face of adversity and places the future units on some poor unsuspecting property owner who is not in attendance. Lesson of the day: Don't buy property in EG unless you got a big wad of cash to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Rather interesting that the first thing planned for SEPA is to include adding 60-acres of lower-income housing. Now that is really looking forward to making EG a Destination City. lol That will make those businesses flock to the table for sure...can see HHC trembling now in anticipation of big things coming to SEPA. I can hardly contain myself in joy.....

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