Ly to Hold Presidents' Day Picnic, Could Announce Elk Grove City Council Intentions

February 12, 2014 | Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly will hold a Presidents' Day community picnic this Saturday...

February 12, 2014 |

Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly will hold a Presidents' Day community picnic this Saturday where it is anticipated he will formally announce his entry into a race for the Elk Grove City Council.

Ly, who was elected to the Elk Grove school board in a 2012 landslide victory, has already filed candidate intention forms with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office for the District Four seat. The only other candidate currently declared is fellow Democrat, Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires.

Chaires and Ly are seeking to fill the seat currently occupied by Bob Trigg, who was appointed to fill the vacancy created when Gary Davis was elected mayor of Elk Grove in 2012. Upon his February, 2013 appointment to the seat following a controversial process, Trigg promised not to seek reelection.

In a communique to Elk Grove News, Ly wrote that he expects "to announce my intentions real soon with the support of Mayor Gary Davis and numerous other community leaders." During their respective 2012 campaigns, Davis and Ly shared office space and staff.  

If Ly does enter the race and receives Davis' endorsement as suggested, it could create a split of the city council's two Democratic members, Davis and Vice Mayor Jim Cooper. Chaires, who was appointed to the planning commission by Cooper and has received his endorsement for city council, was supported by Cooper and Davis when she sought appointment to District Four seat when Davis vacated it.  

During last year's appointment process, after numerous votes 2-2 votes with Cooper and Davis supporting Chaires, Davis decided to support fellow council member Pat Hume's suggestion of Trigg as a compromise appointment. At the time, Davis justified his withdrawal of support for Chaires saying further deadlocked votes would necessitate a special election expected to cost $500,000. 

If Ly does enter the race, both candidates are expected at next month's Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club meeting where they will seek their endorsement.

Ly's event will start at 12 noon and is being held at the Henry Backer Sr. Park, 10400 Stathos Drive, Elk Grove. Free food and music will be available. 

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Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder what happens if some reasonable, read non Tea Party, Republican enters the race? Could be an embarrassment for Mayor Davis and Sacramento Democrats when two rising stars go down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:43...
We could only wish. It isn't for lack of trying!

Anonymous said...

I really wonder how hard local Republicans are trying.

If you look at the other cities in the region like Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Folsom, Galt and Citrus Heights, their city council by and large are dominated by Republicans. Even in Elk Grove there are only two Democrats.

Are we Republicans so browbeaten that we can't recruit a viable candidate? Surely we could raise the money. If they can put forth some main street mainstream Republican, in a three way race, we have an real advantage. Don't forget, turnout of younger voters is lower in mid-terms but the older voters will turn out and they tend to vote for Republican.

Unless they get moving, Elk Grove Republicans are missing a golden opportunity to take out two rather weak candidates.

Coffee Bean said...

Picnic Saturday? Weather forecast is partly cloudy with Pablo winds up to 40-50 mph. All hells gonna break loose!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't even need to be a republican how bout someone who's politics aren't in your face.

Anonymous said...

Something with this Davis/Ly change of heart still disturbs me. Perhaps, because of the appointment debacle, Davis/Ly are trying to distance themselves from Nancy to make her more palatable to the mainstream? At the same time, that thought process doesn't work because it would mean that Ly allows himself to be a stooge - that doesn't make sense. No honor among Dems?
I believe Ly doesn't stand a chance in heck... Pablo is going to be driving the Nancy bus that flattens Ly like a pancake.
(oh, and don't think the Reps aren't looking).

Anonymous said...

What about the fact that Steve Ly gave his word to the public that he will commit himself to the school board for four years. Yet, less than two years later, he is going to jump ship. So in two years, is he going run for Bera's office?

What office are you fast tracking to Mr. Ly?

Anonymous said...

Why would they need to do that if no ones running against her?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Davis is scared that Nancy is becoming the party favorite and is trying to keep her in her place because he trusts Ly more.

Ly around won his election be a man and hold your post

Henry Hill said...

I think Davis is using Ly and feeding his ego. Davis fears Ly, so why not align yourself with those that can do the most damage to yourself. You know the old Vito Corleone saying, "keep you friends close, but keep your enemies closer." Ly is dealing with the devil and he is likely to get burned at some point for this stunt.

Lynn said...

At the local level both our politicians are receiving the majority of their campaign contributions from the same sources...home developers. Democrat or Republican look at the voting records...not to different...and for some reason they keep approving more houses for our area that took the hardest hit...Now, we have investment rentals. What we need here is someone from Elk Grove that loves and cares about the people of Elk Grove...not just the perks of being in office...and yes they exist. So what I want is a leader with vision, a leader that hears and listens to the residents!!! There is to much greed and apathy in our city that this is a wonderful breeding ground for those whose goal is to build a resume in Fluff and move on up. Our leaders needed to answer the difficult question asked of them; Would you want a gas station strip mall right behind your home? Even if you do your do diligence in looking at the city's general plan and zoning....well 25 plus general plan it worth a gamble to believe the open lot by you will remain as zoned? Do you feel lucky? However, we will become that destination city with an amusement water park in the middle of a residential area, and a reduced sized elk grove regional park...thanks to the vision of our leaders....Is this really, really what residents wanted??

Valeria Wilson said...

Mr. Ly needs to fulfill his promise, stay in office for the full four-year term. It's obvious his current elected position is just a stepping stone, but fulfill your commitment Mr. Ly!

Can't ya'll envision a repeat of the appointment debacle with the city council occurring at the school board level? What a huge mess and waste of our precious tax dollars.

What a disappointment Mr. Ly.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happen to common sense? Nancy has never hold public office. Would any of you trust your family in the hands of a driver who has never driven a car.

Anonymous said...

More power to the better candidate which will be decided soon enough by voters. At the end of the day, they are both politicians, the ultimate goal is higher office. Whether it's Ly or Chaires, as long as the people of Elk Grove are served well, no complaints.

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