Chaires Endorsed by State Superintendent of Instruction in City Council Bid

March 11, 2014 | Elk Grove Planning Commission and Elk Grove City Council candidate Nancy Chaires announced today she has received th...

March 11, 2014 |

Elk Grove Planning Commission and Elk Grove City Council candidate Nancy Chaires announced today she has received the endorsement of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson.

"Nancy is knowledgeable about education policy and understands the impact that solid partnerships between cities and schools have on the well being of our students," Torlsakson said in the announcement. "I have seen firsthand Nancy's ability to make government work more effectively for the people. Nancy is the best choice for Elk Grove City Council."

Chaires, who is currently on a special assignment with the California Department of Education overseeing the Migrant Education Program, is one of three Democratic candidates who have announced their candidacy for the District 4 seat currently occupied by Robert Trigg. The other two candidates are Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly and Charles Shanks.

At tonight's meeting of the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club, Chaires and Ly are scheduled to make presentations regarding their respective candidacy's. The club will vote on an endorsement at a future meeting.  

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Anonymous said...

Weeell, how about that? He didn't endorse Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly. Does that tell you anything?

Silent Dogood said...

To Anon above,
Yes it tells us that Torlakson, the Supt of Pub Instruction, is a California Teachers Association stooge. Of course, he wouldn't endorse Ly. Steve Ly stands up to the corrupt CTA and fights for the classroom teacher not the union thugs that run the CTA.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, I actually haven't followed Torlaksons cause carefully. But I do know that Mr. Ly did not live up to his pledge to the community and I find that very troublesome. We have enough of those on the city council now without another clone coming on board.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will, but Nancy times the releases well. On the day of the meeting of the EG-South County Democratic Club, she announces a key endorsement. Steve Ly? nada.

Anonymous said...

Cue the cacophony of fools blathering on about Pablo... Here it comes... Blah Blah Blah

Anonymous said...

sound bites and big signs

Anonymous said...

To Silent Dogood,

You make Steve Lie sound like a Sylvester Stallone movie.

How does he stand up to corruption and the classroom teacher and all of those scary union thugs in the CTA?

I don't know about that one, I've seen him in action and he's not Stalllone!!!

Be honest with yourself and vote for the right person, I'm kind of getting tired of these types of comments.

LOL, hide your kids, hide your wife, the union thugs are out there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:47 - thanks for the inspiration...

fade in dramatic music
In a world where union thugs dominate the education landscape - a school district waits for salvation.
One dedicated man stands alone to make one desperate last stand...
... to save the children
... to reform our schools
... Steve Ly IS...
music stops abruptly

No, no, nevermind that! I'm running for City Council!

fade in dramatic music again
In Elk Grove where self-serving politicians rule the city council - citizens wait for salvation.
One man selfishly ditches his promise to serve his schools...
... to climb the political ladder
... to serve no one but his ambition

Anonymous said...

Not at all impressed with Ly tonight when I attended the Democratic Club meeting.

He fumbled many questions and kept repeating the same things over and over - coordinating the schools and the city. He is a one note guy and only knows education. He hangs his hat on that.

When it came to the question about the SOI expansion, he said he endorsed it, with caution.

Ly hedged his bets every time and seemed vague.

This was the first time, by the way, that I had heard either candidate speak.

Ly is NOT ready for this, and who wants another Davis protegé anyway? And, how about Ly's commitment to being a school board trustee??? This is calling doing "a Palin".

Cooper, take heed, you are playing both ends against the middle, too. Not so honorable.

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