Elk Grove Police Arrest Three Shooting Suspects

March 7, 2014 | Elk Grove Police Dept. Press Release On Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 8:27 p.m., officers responded to the area of Criollo ...

March 7, 2014 | Elk Grove Police Dept. Press Release

On Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 8:27 p.m., officers responded to the area of Criollo Court and Haflinger Way regarding an individual who had been shot.  Upon arrival, officers located 19-year-old Alec Fjeldstad lying on the street next to a parked vehicle.  Fjeldstad was suffering from gunshot wounds to the abdomen and had facial injuries. 

Tiffany Lai

Emergency medical personnel arrived and began providing treatment to Fjeldstad.  Fjeldstad  was transported to a local area hospital with injuries that were described as being serious/critical.  Based on information provided by witnesses, officers determined that the suspects, who were described as two African-American males, 18-20 years of age, wearing dark clothing, had fled on foot.   Responding officers established a perimeter and  CHP's helicopter (H20) provided air support.

During the investigative process, officers developed information that a red Ford Mustang with a tan convertible top may have been involved in the shooting.  CHP's helicopter (H20) located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle parked in the 5000 block of Fox Trotter Way that showed signs of being recently driven. 
Elijah Graham

EGPD officers responded to the area and detained three men who were associated with the Ford Mustang and another vehicle.  As the investigation continued, officers were able to determined that Fjeldstad had been contacted by 19-year-old Tiffany LAI (Elk Grove resident) and arranged a meeting to purchase a controlled substance.  Prior to meeting Fjeldstad at a designated location, LAI was picked up by 20-year-old Elijah GRAHAM (Sacramento resident) and 19-year-old Avalon CLARK (Elk Grove resident) in a red Ford Mustang.  LAI, GRAHAM and CLARK all conspired to commit an armed robbery of Fjeldstad upon his arrival at the designated location.

Fjeldstad drove to the location with another passenger and parked his 
Avalon Clark
vehicle.  LAI arrived on foot after being dropped off by the suspects.  Once LAI was with Fjeldstad, she communicated with GRAHAM and CLARK.  GRAHAM and CLARK, who were both armed with handguns, approached the parked vehicle on foot.  GRAHAM confronted Fjeldstad at gunpoint on the driver's side of the vehicle.  A struggle ensued  between Fjeldstad and the two suspects.  During the struggle, Fjeldstad was shot in the abdomen and suffered facial injuries.  GRAHAM and CLARK fled the area on foot.  Officers later determined that GRAHAM and CLARK were two of the three men who were detained on Fox Trotter Way. 

All three suspects were arrested on charges of PC 664/187 (Attempted Murder) and PC 664/211 (Attempted Robbery).  A subsequent search of an Elk Grove residence led to recovery of two handguns believed to have been used in the shooting and additional evidence.   

Anyone with additional information regarding this crime is asked to call the Elk Grove Police Department Dispatch Center at (916) 714-5115 or the Elk Grove Police Department Detectives Bureau at (916) 478-8060.

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Anonymous said...

What if they rolled the car or hit a light pole?

Would have saved us millions in trial and incarceration costs, free health care, food stamps, AFDC.

35th Safest City in the U.S. said...

A soccer stadium, waterpark, and civic center will surely end this stuff once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Elijah's my cousin.

Anonymous said...

He is lucky the cops didn't shoot him, his homie and that stupid Asian chick.

Anonymous said...

Quit selling guns to dumb people man. That asian girl is real stupid for arranging the meeting, she's about to get more time than all of them smh. She ain't no ride or die, she just stupid. Bet all they homies are gonna be tweeting free them, na keep em in jail.

Bob L said...

Always great to see what the low low income housing brings to our community.

- Keep up the great work on the city council.

Anonymous said...

Elijah is my nephew. Honor roll student, has a
good father, christian home, mannerable, loving, made poor choices. Praying for the wounded youth to live and be healed. Peace for the families involved. Gods mercy for my nephew. Also prayin' that those who judge and make ignorant comments never have to walk in our shoes.

Anonymous said...

Elijah was raised in two custom built homes, not low income housing, by a loving, hard working, tax paying father and attended the best schools
. Any youth or adult can make a poor life altering decision at any time. It is inevitable that we all will require God's Mercy at some point in our lives

Anonymous said...

I was not raised in two custom built homes blah, blah, blah and it has never occurred to me to rob and/or shoot anyone. I hope he goes away for the rest of his life where he can sit and think about the poor choices he made. His "tax paying father" and the rest of us can support him there. And speaking of walking in someone else's shoes, I wonder what song you would be singing if "poor Elijah" was the one who was shot.

Anonymous said...

These boys don't live in life income housing, get free medical or food stamps, or any of the other ignorant comments you two probably racist pieces of shit made. They had hard working patents came from God homes in good neighborhood and made a stupid stupid adult decision. May GOD have mercy on you and yours who decided to make these really ignorant comments not having a clue what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

These boys were not living in low income housing or collecting food stamps they have hard working good parents they made a very very bad decision and they will pay for it. Your comments sound ignorant and your probably racist. May GOD BLESS you and yours. Those who judge find themselves wall walking a similar path. You are ignorant and you should probably check into what your own kids are doing

Anonymous said...

I made those comments and I happen to be black. My grown children have never seen the inside of a jail cell. But before you call someone a racist, please review your own comments referring to low income housing, free medical care and food stamps. Are you saying that if he had been collecting those things, it would make more sense that he is in trouble? Who's the racist?

Burt W said...

Race generally refers to a person's skin color.
Most comments here refer to low income housing residents as those who more commonly commit these types of crimes.
That would be accurate, regardless of skin color. Every study ever undertaken proves this out.
Regardless of where these kids grew up (and their skin color), they are thugs and are a menace to society.

May God bless their victim, as well as these criminals.

Anonymous said...

We only know their race because there are pictures in the article. How can anyone with a brain think that it would make any difference what color they are or how they grew up? They shot someone and they should go to jail. So TIRED of hearing about racism as an excuse.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what skin or race you have, its how you want yourself to be....bad or good! Be it white, black, Asian....crime does not pay!

Anonymous said...

Generally, young adults don't start their criminal career's planning a armed robbery for some dope. I suspect young Elijah and his friends have made more than one mistake in life; it's just that this time they were caught. I cannot imagine this was his "first mistake". Please don't try to paint a picture of a young person being at the wrong place at the wrong time. My sense is, this was a planned attack; with multiple opportunites to walk away from the set up. Young Elijah made many bad choices that night...and now he needs to face the adult music. Perhaps you need to stumble a bit before you find your way...and hopefully, this incident will make an impression on him to change his decision making process in the future.

Anonymous said...

How about that Asian chick?

If she gets convicted of a felony, her future is ruined.

After she gets out of prison, betcha with the crappy economy, the only job she could get would be at a rub and tug place.

Extremely bad choices made by the trio.

Joe Friday said...

Really bad choices by all parties involved in this incident. The trio, when they go on trial and if they are found guilty, will be appropriately punished. As bad as it is the victim was hurt, I doubt he was there to sell some legitimate goods.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling those three rocket scientists didn't even have drugs to sell. Sounds like a case of New Jack City.

Anonymous said...

These three will get their day in court, but keep in mind the criminals we need to be aware of are not the ones in saggy pants and dew rags, rather it is those in Armani suits and Gucci shoes, or Hawaiian shirts for that matter, we need to watch with an eagle eye.

Anonymous said...

Show me the MONEY???

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah to the family down their who left the comment on elijah on march 9, you must not really know your nephew, and yes i do know him from around elk grove and i know that stupid avalon kid also if you ask me they had this coming to them its funny if you think this is the first time either of these retards have robbed somebody for drugs i can name atleast 5 people of the top of my head that theyve robbed, for weed, coke, pills. And their latest miss hap trying to steal some lean(prescription cough syrup) haha keep them in jail they were nothing but a rotten desease to Elk Grove, trust me your nephew is no christian loving blah blah blah, these to ignorant thieves of elk grove been robbing people since 8th grade,with their so called skully boys gang haha what a f***in joke keep them locked up pls!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so how did Madame Butterfly (Asian chick) get involved with those

she think she be ballin wit the bros?

Anonymous said...

I can say that these 3 young adults came from good homes with naive/ blind parents. For their parents sake, I hope they can accept whatever happens in court. For the public safety, I'm glad that these criminals are off the streets. I have seen these 3 around the way, I assumed that they weren't angels, but not robbers and murders. Hope this removes the crap from the street for a little while anyways.

"Flow" said...

Let me just say this Avalon is my nephew who came from a verrrry very good home let along family, they all made bad choices and there choices has caused them all involved long consequences unfortunately, my nephew was a high school gragraduate, he worked not one but two jobs, we all have made bad choices at some given time (no one's perfect by all means) I pray for all involed including the victim, no it doesn't change the situation at hand but God have mercy to all. You reap what you sow, also let's keep in mind drugs played a major factor, being on drugs or under any substance can be mind controlling. Once again our heartfelt prayers for all the families including my own.

"Flow" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
"Flow" said...

Its saddened me you can post such a blog, but the truth speaks thru you, if you knew these thugs and so called skully boys we're soooooooo gang bangers why you as a CITIZEN DIDN'T STEP UP FOR WHAT WAS RIGHT (MY POINT EXACTLY ) but you come here to intigatize really, and guess what we all will have our say oneday and guess WHAT so will you, your not God nor judge or jury (trust me you and they will have there judgement day ) God bless you and all your body organs, and I'll continue to pray for you as well 😇

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