Elk Grove to Host Open House on Southeast Policy Area

March 12, 2014 |  As the City of Elk Grove's last unplanned area, the so-called Southeast Policy Area represents a unique opportu...

March 12, 2014 | 

As the City of Elk Grove's last unplanned area, the so-called Southeast Policy Area represents a unique opportunity for the city to plan for its oft-stated goal of attracting employers. As part of the planning for the area, which is located roughly north of the Elk Grove Promenade Mall and west of Highway 99, The City of Elk Grove will host a community open house on March 25 to share draft plans for the 1,200-acre area.   

At the open house, staff will offer an overview of the draft Community Plan and Special Planning documents for the Southeast Policy Area, Elk Grove’s first City-initiated master plan since incorporation in July 2000.   

The upcoming community open house will feature a series of exhibits that demonstrate key elements of the draft Community Plan and Special Planning Area. The event will be held at City Hall in the Council Chambers, from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25.  Open house activities will focus on three primary goals:

·         Highlight key components of the draft Southeast Policy Area documents
·         Encourage residents to provide feedback
·         Demonstrate Elk Grove’s commitment to jobs growth and regional competitiveness
Following the open house, there will be public review opportunities prior to final hearings for consideration and adoption of both documents. Details on future meetings and hearings will be shared at the open house.

For information on the Southeast Policy Area and the upcoming open house, contact Christopher Jordan, Planning Manager, at cjordan@elkgrovecity.org or (916) 478-2222.

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Anonymous said...

Will the city disclose that thers is around 2,200 potential units of high density low income housing that will be located in the SEPA and in the Lent Ranch mall area adjacent to the SEPA?

The city has to dump the high density very low and low income housing units somewhere due the huge number of single family homes built in the past decade (catch up zoning) and in the future (low income housing is required whenever single family market rate homes are built).

The SEPA could end up being the Mack Road or Power Inn Road of Elk Grove in other words a future HOOD!

Anonymous said...

Put light industrial, office and other business park oriented uses, the amusement park and the major league soccer stadium in the SEPA.

I don't think people will want to invest their life savings in a single family home that is in an area flooded with low income housing projects.

"The SEPA will be a necessary and critical component of the City’s efforts to satisfy the RHNA.

The“need” for sites (acreage) within the SEPA is unknown at this time, but any acreage is helpful as it reduces the burden on other areas of the City from housing additional multifamily development.

Alternatively, establishing a target number of units for the SEPA now will inform the broader
Housing Element update and assist staff is refining the list of candidate sites needed to fill the
remaining need.

One approach for the Planning Commission to consider is setting performance targets for land
within various residential densities. For instance, the Commission could say that one third of the
RHNA allocation for very low and low income (i.e., multifamily development) must be
accommodated in the SEPA. This would equate to approximately 1,200 units, leaving
approximately 2,260 for the rest"


Overtime it will become evident that the SEPA would be best used as a combination of Cal Expo with recreation oriented uses, Point West with office oriented businesses, Power Inn Road or Rancho with industrial uses and Mack Road with large high density low income housing projects.

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