Internet Poll Shows Scant Support For Proposed Elk Grove Soccer Stadium, Water Amusement Park

March 10, 2014 | In an internet poll that closed this afternoon, respondents showed little support for two large projects propose...

March 10, 2014 |

In an internet poll that closed this afternoon, respondents showed little support for two large projects proposed by Mayor Gary Davis and the Elk Grove City Council.

The poll asked readers the following question: 

Which of the following describes your thoughts on proposed Elk Grove projects? Below are the questions.

  • I support the city spending $700,000 for a water amusement park feasibility study, and the city should continue pursuit of construction of a $100 million stadium in hopes of recruiting a Major League Soccer team.
  • I support the water amusement park but not the MLS recruitment/Soccer stadium.
  • I support the MLS/Soccer Stadium but not the water amusement park.
  • I don't support either. The city council should focus their efforts on improving/maintaining roads, public safety, infrastructure projects or other quality-of-life type issues to exclusively benefit Elk Grove citizens.
  • I don't have an opinion but would like to know more about the city's expenditures.
  • I am undecided.
Of the 75 votes cast, the poll showed an overwhelming majority, 58 of the votes or 77 percent, saying they do not support either a proposed water amusement park or building a soccer stadium in hopes of recruiting a Major League Soccer team and would rather see the city resources spent on other amenities or services. 

There were 9 votes, or 12 percent of the respondents, supporting both the soccer stadium/MLS and water amusement project. Supporters of the one of the projects but not the other each received four votes or five-percent while there were no undecided votes. 

Like all internet polls, this is not a scientific poll.

Mayor Gary Davis, who has risked much of his political capital on the plans, has personally spearheaded efforts for the City of Elk Grove to build a $100 million soccer stadium in hopes of bringing a Major League Soccer Team to the city and building an aquatics center that would feature an only-of-its-kind-in-the-region 10 meter diving platform and water amusement park.

In spite of Davis' efforts, the city is lagging behind Sacramento in its efforts to land an MLS team and is facing competition from the Southgate Recreation and Parks District who is building an aquatics center near the Elk Grove city limits.        

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Anonymous said...

Don't think that will stop the city council from going forward with an amusement park in a residential area and a $100 million soccer stadium.

Just like Field of Dreams; built it and they will come?

Not likely.

Bend it like Beckham said...

As for the soccer stadium, we can only hope that the Sacramento Republic FC progresses quickly enough to dash any hopes Mayor Davis and Fabian Nunez have to build the stadium. Unfortunately that may not stop them from spending more on consultants fees, but at least it won't be $100 million.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see anything about Elk Grove being in the running. Can we get a refund or was Nunez gonna pick up the tab?

Darn...there goes that 500% return Mayor Davis told us about. Always on the losing end....

Age must be getting to me..something just clicked. Why do the other four council members allow Mayor Davis to speak for them, do they not have a thing to say for themselves? Guess he just pulls the strings for all. Must give him a powerful feeling.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's a market building MLS in elk grove. What do you think elk grovians? Only gary Davis wants it, for his own glory! Flop!

Lew Alcindor said...

Nunez will make us think we have a chance to land a team and ride the gravy train as long as he can. Remember Al Davis and Irwindale?

Anonymous said...

Exactly....Irwindale. The MLS is certainly interested in Sacramento, a market with limited entertainment options and lots of soccer families with money in their pockets. But to think they'd want to put it in the furthest southern point of the county, an hour away from the moneyed foothill communities. LOL.

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