Ose Overwhelms Birman, Emken to Win Sac GOP Club Endorsement

March 14, 2014 | Congressional candidate Doug Ose won an overwhelming vote over Republican Rivals Igor Birman and Elizabeth Emken to ...

March 14, 2014 |

Congressional candidate Doug Ose won an overwhelming vote over Republican Rivals Igor Birman and Elizabeth Emken to win the endorsement  from Sacramento County's largest volunteer Republican club. 

Ose, a former three-term congressman, won 88 percent of a mail-in ballot vote from members of the Republican of River City according to club president Carl Burton. In the endorsement announcement, Burton noted Ose's support of construction of a security wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and laws against defiling the American flag during his tenure.

Along with his two fellow Republicans, Ose will appear on the June primary ballot with incumbent Dr. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) with the top two finishers advancing to the November general election regardless of party affiliation.    

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Anonymous said...

Well thank dog that the flag is safe in this guys hands. Any concerns of consequence, GOP?

Silent Dogood said...

Whether you like Ose or not there is one thing clear, he has the support and connections locally. The other two candidates have no roots in the community and it shows in the all important but completely unimportant endorsement race. I attend different political functions for both parties as I am one of the many growing NPP or No Party Preference voters. Until a couple of months ago I had never even heard of Birman and Emken was the Republican sacraficial lamb against DiFi. Neither one of them are from our community and I believe the both moved here to run.

Even after Ose left congress he stayed involved in our community. You may not like what he stands for or his politics but he has roots here and people know him.

Anonymous said...

The annoying thing about Birman is that as the chief of staff (on leave for time being) for Congressman McClintock, is that he constantly moans about Washington insiders, professional politicians, etc and yet how more inside politics can you get than being chief of staff for a career politician!

Anonymous said...

Well you can get to be an inside-dealing liberal politician like Doug Ose. Ose spent longer in Washington than Birman... I'll take Birman over Ose any day.

Anonymous said...

And Dogood, Birman's lived in Sacramento for a long time. Ose doesn't even live in the district he seeks to represent - he can't even vote for himself. At least the other two do.

Mainstreet GOP Dude said...

Anon 11:46, you highlight the challenges our party faces. You claim Ose is a liberal? Really? Mr. Ose has shown himself to be sufficiently conservative, yet also pragmatic enough to know that there is always some give and take. Think about how Hillary Clinton and Tom DeLay worked together to advance issues for foster children. Even though they may have strongly disliked each other, they too were able to put aside differences for the greater good. Simply obstructing does not constitute governing.

I just hope Mr. Brulte can talk some sense into delegates this weekend at the state convention.

Anonymous said...

Mainstreet, Ose is sufficiently conservative? Really? He voted to tax the internet, give social security benefits to illegal immigrants and even wrote a bill to make the EPA a full-blown department. By whose standards is that sufficiently conservative? Pelosi's?

I agree with you on pragmatism. But there's a fine line that you don't cross of betraying your principles. Ose has none. That's the problem.

Birman is an inspirational guy. I don't think he's an obstructionist. I've met him. Have you?

Mainstreet GOP Dude said...

aanon 12:12, yes i have heard Mr. Birman speak on at two occasions. While his back story is interesting, he was very sketchy on exactly what his positions are. He talked about freedom a lot,(who's against that?) but offered no specifics on things important to our district like the Auburn Dam.

Furthermore, I suspect Dr. Bera would love to run against Birman or Emken. Ose represents a credible threat to Bera where Birman and Emken are lightweights. Go ahead and vote for Igor, but don't blame pragmatic Republicans if Bera face Birman and the good doctor slides back in for another term. Birman and Emken simply can't beat Bera where Ose can. Would you rather have a reasonable person representing you in Washington or a far left liberal?

Anonymous said...

So what do we get if Ose beats Bera? Higher taxes? More pork? I voted for Ose when he was in Congress last time. He is the reason why Pelosi was able to run as a fiscal watchdog.

And I went to a neighborhood coffee with Birman. He answered every question and very clearly. I think he can give Bera a run for his money. Half the people at the house were young and passionate. When was the last time you saw someone get excited about Doug?

Mainstreet GOP Dude said...

Yeah, the same group of young passionate people supported President Ron Paul too!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you on Emken though. She is a complete lightweight. I don't think she knows why she is in this race. Birman though impressed the daylights out of me. He really knows his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Can we take their votes for granted in a 50/50 district? Birman is not Ron Paul... But it's nice to see some energy and excitement around a Republican candidate in California for a change.

Mainstreet GOP Dude said...

Well at least we can agree on Emken.

Anonymous said...

I love how the Birman people come on here and use the same talking points time and time again against Ose.

Let's see you refute two facts about Igor.

First, Igor claims to be a life long Republican

Fact: Birman was president of the College Democrats in college.

Second, Igor uses the whole, I am from Russia and know what it is like to live without freedom (this most be said with a Boris the Bear accent)

Fact: In college Birman did not have a russian accent, in fact the first time I heard Igor speak with an accent was 2-years ago.

Anonymous said...

Birman's people continue the liberal politican line about Ose. Compared to who, McClintock? Well no duh, Ronald Reagan is a liberal politician compared to McClintock.

Let's compare Ose to Bera or Pelosi or any of the other bastions of progressive liberalism.

If you don't say that you will take Ose everytime than you are what is destroying the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Where has Birman ever claimed to be a life-long Republican? Read his announcement speech on Flashreport - he talks about being a Dem! Btw, Reagan was a Dem once too. And a union president.

Are you Ose people really THAT desperate???

I enrolled in college not far from here, at UC Davis when I was 16, and as I learned more about America, I was thrilled to discover that I too could be involved in politics.

I did so first as a Democrat. But after a trip to the Democratic state convention, where a speaker praised the virtues of the Cuban medical system, I had heard enough: I could not be a member of any party that championed the same ideology that I once saw cause so much misery.

So I became a passionate Republican and started writing a column in the school paper to defend the principles of freedom. After seven columns, the paper had had enough and fired me for “enraging members of the opposing causes.”


Anonymous said...

Anon 14:30 - careful what you ask for.


Higher taxes
More spending
More debt
Attacked conservatives


Higher taxes
More spending
More debt
Attacks conservatives

Ose was one of the reasons Republicans lost their majority and Pelosi became speaker. We can't elect big-spending dinosaurs like him again, or else we'll lose the majority AGAIN.

Birman is polished and can bring constituencies to the polls that don't traditionally even listen to Republicans. He is the future. Ose is the past.

Anonymous said...

Ooh this is good. Thumbs up to Team Birman for creativity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MzX2Gymuso

Mad Hatter said...

Funny video......looks like Ose got "47'ed percented" by the looks of the video clip.

Anonymous said...

As a Conservative Lady, I think that Birman would be a refreshing and strong voice for Conservatives...

Where does Mr. Ose stand on the second amendment?

Mr Birman has not shown us how he can speak out of BOTH sides of his mouth!!

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