Statement From Elk Grove Mayor Gary Davis Regarding Proposed Sister City Visit

March 1, 2014 | Elk Grove Mayor Davis has requested the following statement be posted regarding the proposed sister city relationship ...

March 1, 2014 |

Elk Grove Mayor Davis has requested the following statement be posted regarding the proposed sister city relationship and visit by the Emir of Katsina, Nigeria. Below is the Mayor's statement.

I have asked the City Manager to cancel the proposed Sister City relationship with Katsina. It is clear that this was not properly vetted and is not the type of city with which we want to bond with. I believe the Sister City Committee, our staff, and I have learned a great deal from this experience and will be more hands on in the future so that we don't get into this situation again. 

s/Mayor Gary Davis

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Sarah Johnson said...

Thank goodness sanity has come to Elk Grove! Want to hear the details of the Sister City Committee, is it City sanctioned, agendas and minutes of the meetings, need to see posted dates and times, etc.

Coffee Bean said...

Thanks to us "crazies" of EGN for forcing our leaders to backpedal. I hope the staff involved with letting this get as far as it did don't rush to the city hall bathroom to wash their hands of responsibility and try to shift the blame to some poor underling who was just following directions.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, Sarah! Glad this has been cancelled, but many questions remain to be answered by our city. This item was posted on the agenda 1 week ago and if not for public outrage, no doubt would have gone forward. We will look forward to all information, times & dates being presented to the public ASAP.

New City Manager Needed said...

Laura Gill needs to go. It is as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

Greatfully, the trip is cancelled before the city looked incredible naïve about world politics. But we still must have an understanding of how this happened so it doesn't happen again. Where is the city's manager in all this mess? Does she NOT approve of the agenda in advance. She and her staff MUST have a measure of accountability lest we will find ourselves back in the same situation, perhaps different circumstances, but the same rock/hard place. Mayor Davis, you must take affirmative must take must open the doors of city hall....they are not open now....why do you think EGN has become so successful? Because those of us shut out of city hall come here to vent our you see the number of frustrated people here Mayor?? This city is at a turning point...we must live by "transparency" not just say it..YOU MUST MEAN IT!!

Anonymous said...

I fully agree. Ms Gill has got to go. She has continually "hidden" items from the oouncil. Didn't she fail to tell them that Southgate was building an aquatic park on the city's northern border? Now she forgets to remind them of Nigeria's human rights issues? Ms Gill MUST GO. Davis must take control and must show his leadership by affirming the council is in control, not STAFF.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how Davis will handle the sister city committee. We need to know under what parameters they work; who monitors their actions; who is on the committee. All great concerns which until now, it seems the committee is flying solo. Glad the trip has been cancelled, but we need to dig to the bottom of this. I am not satisfied at the mere cancellation; I want to know how this happened.

Bainc said...

Well apparently the Council and/or staff reads EGN and EGO. I'm sure this sister city program was done with good intentions but we all know the road to you know where was paved with good intentions. I don't always agree with Mike Monasky and his tactics at council meetings but he was on the mark with this one.

Anonymous said...

Hold onto your hats, the soccer stadium, mall, and waterpark will cure everything!

Lynn said...

This was under "Presentations". I do not believe staff was making any recommendations. Presentations can be placed on the agenda by staff, council members, and residents who request so usually through a council member. I am sure it is easy to place all blame on Ms.Gill, however in this case I believe there is plenty to go around. Council did not question the item, what I heard was "how can I help", I look forward to the dinner. After the one public comment one might of thought of questioning this or even suggesting more information is needed, lets add this to the agenda at a later date...If Elk Grove leaders want a sister city in Africa how about in Sierra Leone? Now I have done no research so can't take a position other than to add; Students and PTO of Laguna Creek are building and supporting a project; by assisting to rebuild Sierra Leone with Solar Cases. Is this a cause that could be further supported by a sister city there?....Maybe this could be researched and fully vetted.

Anonymous said...

All questions I would like answered also. Who paid for Mr. Ononiwu to go to Nigeria and deliver this invitation personally. It is beyond my imagination that this could all have transpired and everyone be in the dark about it. Hume, Cooper & Davis all thanked them after their presentation...not one had a question. This is not just Mayor Davis' problem, it's an answer needed from Ms. Gill,Angela ?, and every council member. We've already heard from the Sister City Council, so they can stay home or go sit in a corner somewhere. We'll be there March 12th, waiting for answers and you better not stutter and throw some feel good words at us...we've had our fill!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, you've acknowledged that you aren't aware of the situation in Sierra Leone. It is a good thing that you soft pedaled it, as Sierra Leone's government has very much the same issues as Katsina. :)

So it is important to point out the distinction between supporting the causes of humanity (disease, hunger, human rights) and establishment of relations with a government. Here in Elk Grove, there are several organizations who donate and ACT to rid the world of Polio, to get glasses for young children, to get wheelchairs for those who cannot afford them and so much more!

What I think this points out is that establishing relationships with cities on other continents is not a simple issue and requires a thoughtful process and professional guidance (which was not present here).

To all - Look, I think we have two people who had their hearts in the right place but got the cart in front of the horse. So, while this was a messy situation, let's look on this as a learning opportunity and move on... No need for continued acrimony. Peace, Shalom, Allll good!

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 14:52
If we don't ask for accountability, when will this nonsense stop? Learning opportunity..YES; but I am not willing to let this go. I want to know why this committee has already flown to Nigeria; already extended an invitation; already got a date for HRH arrival; ALL BEFORE THE COUNCIL SAID YES!! Who is pulling the strings here? The MAYOR is at fault. He wanted to be the "ceremonial" mayor, well he must take the good with the bad. The buck stops with Davis...and he must make Gill accountable for her inactions. Gill can be traced to many decisions that have blown up/covered up. Her management style and ability to spin the truth makes it time for EG to wash their hands of her. Gary, time to stand up to the monster you call a city manager.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, this may have been in the "presentation category", but it was way beyond being just an idea or making recommendations. According to the presentation, the March 17 date was suggested by the Emir after the invitation was extended, and the only thing they were asking the council was whether the date was acceptable, not whether it should be done at all. The slide made reference to the council already having been approached about pursuing a relationship with Katsina. When did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 15:04.
If you are truly interested in accountability and transparency, you cannot start with the assumption that Ms. Gill or Mayor Davis are to blame.
Certainly, the events leading to this should be discovered. But, you've got to start with no assumptions.
So, let's ask for the truth... No actually, *DEMAND* the truth but let's not malign each other along the way. After all, no one did this in an overt attempt to screw anyone over.

Harry S. Truman said...

When will someone in the city's elected leadership say "The buck stops here!"

Anonymous said...

Next up on the agenda...
... Redflex!
(You gotta know this one is a-comin' folks!)

Anonymous said...

Additional issues with City Staff:

Way overpaid - Example - Admin assistants make as much or more than State of California financial analysts who have Bachelors and MBAs.

Unsustainable pension obligations. The liability to CalPERS is going to be huge down the road.

No diversity. Does not reflect the ethnic makeup of the community. How many % of the staff is "people of color"? Look at the list of city employees. It should be easy to pick out Hispanic and Asian last names. Don't waste your time looking because you will only find that about 5% - 10 % of city staff are minorities.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who is managing Angela Frost! Surely she wasn't making these decisions in a vacuum. Someone needs to speak up with answers!!! Is Laura Gill her boss?

Thomas A. Anderson said...

Working for the city is apparently a good gig. Are we getting our money's worth? Based on this most recent debacle, I'd say no. Where are all those Tea party types when they could actually make some sense?

It is a pretty bad situation when the best jobs in an economy are in the public sector. Sooner or later we taxpayers are here to serve them, not the other way around. Usually a indicator that the government is the master and we taxpayers are the slaves.

Anonymous said...

Please don't lump all city and/or government employees into the same category. 99% of us are just following directions from the other 1%. If anyone has to get the blame for this, I hope it isn't the person at the bottom who was just doing as they were told.

Show me a filter cigarette that delivers the taste, and I'll eat my hat! said...

If Ms. Gill is terminated, I'll eat my hat!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 18:25. Most employees at city hall are trying to do an honest and good job and follow direction from their managers and city leadership. I also hope the person above isn't the sacrificial lamb for this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Home of the Crazies !!!

Anonymous said...

A house of cards is a flimsy structure that looks like it has the stability to retain its shape. However a puff of air, a knock on the cards, or even a shift of the table on which the cards sit tends to bring down the entire structure. Today, anything that has outward stability but the chance of complete or almost total collapse, based on the falling down of one part, may be viewed as a house of cards.

John Milton, who coined the phrase, initially meant not only to highlight the structural defects of a house of cards but also perhaps to the pagan nature of playing cards. In many parts of the world during Milton’s time, playing cards was viewed as evil. Thus the house of cards was not only structurally unstable but also morally unsound. His prediction of its destruction was as religious as it was practical. In fact, Milton’s use may relate back to biblical parables where Jesus discusses houses built on no foundation.

Anonymous said...

Well that was meaningful and melodramatic...and applicable to nothing.

Show me a filter cigarette that delivers the taste, and I'll eat my hat! said...

There is no chance Ms. Gill will be terminated. If you look at the link to the city salaries noted above, our public servants are generously compensated.

Since taking control of the city, Gill has systematically performed her own version of ethic cleansing. Just think of the number of executives who have "left". Ever wonder why the city never replaced Ms. Cochran with an employee? Gill can replace Hobbs at the drop of a hat, pun intended, so he will toe the line lest his firm lose a big client. The most recent cleansing victim was Ms. Baumbach who seemed to be quite competent.

Gill is using taxpayer dollars to pay very well, yes, but in return obedience is not only expected, it is demanded. It is pretty simple
formula. Cleanse the house of dissidents, fill it with loyalist and demand obedience.

As for the Mayor and council, as we saw this week, they pretty much lack curiosity. On the rare occasion a council member does make an inquiry to a staff member, the employees knows not to cross Gill lest they too be cleansed. Just how many times have we seen the council, not including Mr. Trigg, praise staff? Gill demands the staff to the Mayor and council members "tell them what they want to hear".

I'd say Gill has cleverly ensconced herself with obedient minions who know to follow her direction or else. Clever indeed.

Anonymous said...

That is such a bunch of bull! First of all, please look up "ethnic cleansing" and learn what it means. This has been a horrible fiasco with many people responsible, but what employer shouldn't want employees who follow orders? If they don't follow orders, they SHOULD be fired! That's how being employed works. Hopefully, they are not the fall guy when the S hits the fan. You can fabricate scenarios all you want, but that's all you are doing.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Gill needs to go. No research is needed. She approves the agendas beforehand. She failed miserably to provide an agenda that was fully vetted and researched.

Next, what happened to the process?? Mayor Davis has states time and again, THE PROCESS must be transparent and consistent. What happened to the process of vetting this item?

Finally, Gill demands loyalty no matter what. Even if the loyalty requires the employee to turn a blind eye to concerns on the part of the employee. Hesitate to follow what Gill wants, and you will be canned. Much like Hitler’s army...yes, they were just doing their job because Hitler told them to. We MUST have city staffers who can speak up; propose alternative solutions and point out weaknesses in a plan/project/agenda item. If not, they are no better than Hitler’s army. Gill has the reputation of managing staff with loud outburst; inappropriate comments and lack of professionalism. These traits have been verified by some very good employees who no longer are around...think about the amount of turnover...even with such well paid jobs, people are leaving (or being fired) at an alarming rate. Elk Grove is known as a very tough city to work for. This behavior needs to stop. Ms. Gill needs to be fired. Mayor Davis, you must address this issue. You must show us your leadership. When is this city going to realize the citizens have had it...and we just can't take it anymore??

Anonymous said...

The Hitler comparison is a stretch, a very long stretch, way too far a stretch.

At the same time, it is evident that politicians, city managers, employees and beneficiaries of patronage as well as and others in the US, or Elk Grove, abuse their powers.

If abuse of power, coercion and corruption is happening in New Jersey, why not in Elk Grove?

It is so easy and apparent to see corruption and incompetence in far flung places, but what about here?

Elk Grove can be no exception when it comes to scrutiny and public protest.

If the citizens are not heard in council meetings, if there is not sufficient transparency, then the people of Elk Grove have shown that they can have a voice.

Erin Brockovich said...

Nobody's going anywhere. The developers own the Council, the Council owns Gill, and Gill owns everyone else below her. Developers like stability at the top-means predictable profits.

Lynn said...

I have been saying this one for years, have shared it with a few friends and now will post it "Corrupt as Bell, Bankrupt as Vallejo"..... so anonymous yes people in Elk Grove can and will have a voice.

David W said...

I have to agree with several of the above posters that Laura Gill needs to find employment elsewhere. She's certainly worn out her welcome here. She rules her employees like a tyrant, everyone walking on eggshells, worried she may fire them at a whim.

Now she's continued to embarrass the council, not once but regularly due to her refusal to be forthcoming and transparent on issues such as the Southgate Aquatics Center and now the sister city fiasco.

Mr. Davis so badly wants to be a "leader." Ok Gary, lead!

Being a leader requires you to do what is best for the city regardless of how difficult it may be. You have always been a wimp when it came to tough decisions. Time to put on some big boy pants and finally do something difficult. Lead the council members to make a change in getting a true and trustworthy city manager for our city.

Perhaps some one who actually lives here in Elk Grove (or even Sac County)would be a good start. That way he/she would have a true investment in the city.

I'm sure that Mr. Cooper and Mr. Hume, perhaps even Mr. Detrick have grown tired of the deceit that has caused each of them the embarrassment. Only they know how many times she has lied or kept material information from them when making important decisions.

Step up and lead Mr. Mayor. The rest of you boys, step up as well.
Show some leadership skills. We've been lacking this for too long.

Steve said...

This city council and staff have continually ran off it's constituants with refusal to listen to our pleas and concerns.

This, to the point, that no one comes to the meetings anymore.

This is what you created.

When you took office, I'm sure that each of you didn't plan on degrading those that cared enough about our city to attend your meetings and speak their concerns, but that is what you've become.

Each of you need to step back, and thank those who come forward and speak regardless of whether you agree with their points of view.

Business as usual is not in anyone's best interest that cares about Elk Grove.

EGN has become the only avenue of venting our city-wide concerns due to the degradation we receive from the dais. - This is what you created.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I love the new city branding:

"Corrupt as Bell, Bankrupt as Vallejo"

Someone should get the NAACP to sue the city for their lack of minority hiring.

That would put Elk Grove on the map.

Anonymous said...

Leave the NAACP out of it, the city has enough problems. Oh and by the way, you can't always tell what ethnic group a person belongs to by looking at their name. Stop being a race baiter!

Anonymous said...

Just last evening had the time to listen to the whole presentation given by the EGSCC. It's at the very first of the video and very eye opening. My impression and I may be wrong is that there are only two members of this committee that was sanctioned by our city. Also that the reason this city was chosen is this is Mr. Ononiwu's home country/state/city. This is a city of over 400,000 people, how could we ever assist them when we can't take care of many in need of our own. When you have a committee of two with what appears to be no community input or vetting this is what you get. Now...who's feet does that lie at, IMO first, our city manager. Of course we all know it will be Angela who will bear the brunt of this even though it was due to poor management. Should the city council have asked questions? Absolutely, but first you have to actually care about what transpires at city hall and the people you represent and have leadership expertise. None, except perhaps one, has that expertise, and that's questionable. They are bought people and obviously that needs to change. They let this run off in the ditch and obviously with the lack of questions didn't have a clue or care what was being presented. This must change, bring the people back to city hall and clean it up!

It's very doubtful we will ever hear an explanation of how this happened from our city council other than the statement above by our Mayor Davis. Oh they may say...just so the people know we are looking into this matter and take your comments very seriously.....and will the people be happy with that? Most likely, that's our history and why they enjoy no attendance/speakers at the meetings except perhaps Lynn or Michael. So pay your taxes and enjoy business as usual. end of rant.......

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best thing we citizens and voters in this election year can do is pack the city council chamber on March 12 and demanded answers on all the questions attached to this matter. There are so many questions that need to be answered, but they will only be answered if they are asked the questions and held to account. Pack the chambers and call out the local TV stations. We can be respectful, but we can demand the the questions be answered. After all, as Mayor Davis always says at the beginning of every meeting is city hall is "our house" or some such rhetoric. Lets put them to the test, stand firm and demand some answers.

Anonymous said...

As a follow up the the comments I posted at 9:10, if the Mayor, Council or city manger stonewall, there are other avenues to take.

Anonymous said...

Ethnic cleansing? Hitler? Allegations of racism?
Put down your pitchforks, Folks. You can certainly ask for -nay DEMAND- answers but some of this is clearly over the top.
As I stated previously, you can't get to the truth if you begin with an answer.
Meaning: ask for an accounting of how this came about but leave the personal attacks out of it. Don't start with the premise that a particular person is to blame because, if you do, you're unlikely to discover the truth.

Anonymous said...

Those comments were in the minority...why would you even acknowledge them?

Anonymous said...

Because of the general overall tone here.
Look... I understand people are unhappy - as am I.
First, to continue to berate, deride and malign individuals is counterproductive.
Second, I'm certain that, at least one of the people involved is suffering great embarrassment in front of many people he respects. That's not cool.
Third, I do understand that the situation was somehow fumbled (badly) but that doesn't rise to the level of high treason.
What I'm asking for is that we handle the situation firmly, but with compassion.
It's certainly a crummy situation but we need to bring the tone down. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 9:46. You said exactly what I wanted to say but you said it so much better.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was watching Saturday night live

Someone who used to care said...

Wow, the CC and Ms. Gill are really taking some heat here. ...not that it's not warranted.

It used to be the people who cared about this city attended the CC meetings and openly discussed their concerns on projects, ideas for the future, and lobbied for the betterment of their city and local government.

The issues that the CC has faced recently leaving them with egg of their collective faces could easily have been avoided had they not ran these citizens off. These citizens know what's going on, they have ears throughout the region, they work in every capacity throughout the region.

Had they been at the waterpark meetings, the sister city meetings, they would have approached the dais and spoken to valid issues that would have protected our city against regional and now world-wide embarrassments.

This council needs to invite the public back and embrace their comments. That is how this democracy is supposed to work.

The current status of City vs. Lynn Wheat and Michael Monasky needs to end. Kudos for both of them for staying the course when all others have given up hope. Granted, I don't agree with everything that either Wheat or Monasky have to say, I applaud them for the tenacity to approach the dais when they know they'll be ignored or ridiculed or both.

Treat these two with respect. Once they throw in the towel, we're really going to be in trouble.

We all need to work together.

Daktari said...

Phil Carter for City Manager!

Anonymous said...

Phil Carter already is the city manager. Laura Gill is his puppet.

Anonymous said...

Just asking a question: Who does put the agenda together and present it to council? Someone must approve of the items to be scheduled to be heard. I've heard council members ask that some item be brought back for more discussion, and whoa, that item is on the next agenda. But who handles the remaining agenda protocols? Anyone know for sure?

Anonymous said...

Just doing a little research on the cities web site....
and clicked "View Sister City Agreement", but it was not available to read. So I did some research on how other cities handle their Sister City projects and do they involve the community they're located in. Well surprise, surprise, seems we are lacking in that area. Can it be fixed, well absolutely, you just need the desire to fix it. Check out this one...larger city, but what we seem to be lacking. Involving the community and more........

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of blame to go around and until the doors to City Hall are opened, it will continue. A start would be for the voters to take off the blinders and get off that apathetic bandwagon and take back the city before it's too late.

Connie said...

The City Manager approves the agenda. In a general law city, which Elk Grove is, with a city manager form of government, the City Manager is in full charge of the day to day duties in running our city.

Laura Gill is charged with overseeing the hiring everyone except the city clerk and the city attorney. She is even in charge with hiring our police chief.

In our case, the City Manager serves at the pleasure of the Council. Laura Gill does not work for the citizenry, she works for the Council. She has made it clear to this citizen that she only works for the Council.

What bothers me the most, is that the letter was delivered before the City Council, and even more importantly, the public had a chance to weigh in.

A lot of embarrassment, and the fallout, could and would have been avoided had the letter been put forth first for approval.

The person responsible is the person who is ultimately charge here and that is Laura Gill.

So let's see how Gill answers the Council on March 12th because this issue is far greater than the fumbling excuses we got for the Council not knowing about the Southgate Aquatics Center with Gill admitting she did know but didn't feel the need to inform the Council.

Connie said...

Off topic a little bit: Since points have been made that information has not been as free flowing from city hall as it should be, back when we first incorporated, the city clerk' office was under the city manager’s direction.

And if you believe it is tough getting information now, which really it isn't, it was fall worse back then. We pesky citizens would request info, and in ten days, wait for it, we would get a denial from the city attorney. Or even better, we would be asked to come to city hall, the documents would be there for us to view; but we were placed in a conference room with a city staff member watching our every move, taking notes, and we could not have copies of any documents.

A lot of us active citizens rebelled and it was then that the city clerk’s office was place directly under the city council. We are truly blessed to have Jason Lindgren as our city clerk.

Anonymous said...

Where is Frank Oviedo when we need him?

Michael said...

There's been a lot written on this blog so far.

I'd like to suggest that the city council lengthen the moment of silence (right after the pledge of allegiance) from a few seconds to a couple of hours.
That's because Davis, Hume, Cooper, Detrick, and even Trigg don't get democracy.

An honest effort in contemplative exercise should include a focus upon all those who have given sweat, tears, and blood and even their lives in the formation and maintenance of our freedom in this country.

There is no freedom in a government whose actions become insolent, arrogant, and pre-emptory towards its constituents.

Further, the council must make an effort to engage in critical thinking.
The consent calendar is so long and so many decisions aren't ever discussed.
There's the suspicious Redflex red light contract, and the tens of thousands of dollars awarded through weird Elk Grove Water funding to the city's Tire Amnesty program. That's right. That $56 non-water charge fraction on your water bill helps subsidize tire recycling. Really.

Transparency does not appear to be an option for this council.
It neither reflects upon what it does, nor does it respect those who have given their lives in defense of freedom and what this country stands for.

On second thought, just drop the moment of silence altogether.
Onward, thoughtless council, marching as before.

Michael Monasky
PS What's with all the anonymous posts?
What's in a name?
And what kind of transparency is it when those who complain about the council's non-transparency hide behind the veil of anonymity?

Anonymous said...

MM, Are you saying that all the posts under the name of Anonymous should be disregarded because they are not being transparent? We are not a government entity, just common folks who go to work every day, pay our taxes and insist on transparency from our council and, YES, maybe under the veil of anonymity. Even under this name the City Council got the message...we are the people! But then again...perhaps your comment under your name caught their eye more than the others and we wasted our time and energy in being so passionate about our city.

Anonymous said...

To Michael:

This city manager and CC have proven to be vindictive and threatening to many of us.

While we share many of your concerns, we may have to come before this manager and council in the future asking for an ear.

We stand no chance should I identities be known.

This is truly sad, but it is true.

What a great government we have created with great leaders.

Anonymous said...

I have searched everywhere and can not find the city ordinance to govern the sister cities program and the official Board to oversee the program. Maybe someone can help me out here....

Our city website has a Sister City page, but when you click on the "View Sister City Agreement", it is not available for viewing.

Lynn said...

Michael, it is difficult for many in our community to post under their names. Unfortunately I understand too well. I recently saw a movie "Inequality for All"; in it there was the suggestion that our presidency can be bought with money and high bidder. Truly the direction of our entire democracy is being threatened by the big money and lobbyists. More and more is coming out in the news. And where does all this begin? At the local level. If we are not able to take care of our own backyards and truly have the democracy at our city level how then can we expect it to be any better at the national? This is very concerning to many. Ask anyone who helped/worked at creating Elk Grove's "proud heritage". I am sure their offspring may have some of the information. Is the city council and leadership creating a "bright future"? Next, notice none of our current council would support campaign spending limits. Why not? Remember; it is expensive to run a campaign. How did that become so? Again, until the spirit of individuals grab onto hope again and finally stand up and work to change the rules of the game, the game will continue as is. Will we be able to expect anything different in our city or at the national level?
In my comment above regarding the sister city and investigation of options I loosely made reference because what I believe needs to be done in our city is to engage the school district, faith based organizations, volunteer groups, and CSD. This would be our city together for, I believe a worthwhile opportunity to unite our many wonderful groups in our community who are reaching out to others, other communities, and places. Should we believe city sisters are important than indeed the participation of organizations within our city would be very beneficial to strengthening our own communities/city.

Deep Throat said...

I don't blame anyone for not posting under their own names. Some have taken the risk to hold this government accountable, both here and at council meetings, and they have been retaliated against. That is a fact with a grand jury stating as much.

And city staff, well that investigation into a hostile work environment was all fluff; so they still have gags in their mouths as well.

Detrick even said he sends Blog comments to his attorney to review! Is that a threat that there is going to be a mass mailing of cease and desist letters?

Anonymous said...

Does Ms. Gill live in Elk Grove? It seems as though a City Manager should have some skin in the game.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Gill does not live in Elk Grove or even Sac County.
- No skin in the game. Just collects a check from us.

Anonymous said...

I think I have this correct.

City Manager: El Dorado Hills
Planning Director: Davis
Public Works Director: Folsom or EDH (Not sure exactly but not EG)
City Attorney: Vacaville?
Police Chief: I think he lives in EG

Now to be fair they all take direction from the Council which is owned by the developers. Plus, if you made $200k+ per year like Ms. Gill would you live in Elk Grove or on a hill overlooking Folsom Lake? Let's just say I wouldn't choose Elk Grove. Face it, we are a bedroom community for analyst and low level management positions for the state. These are $40-75k per year jobs not the $125k and up that upper managment for the city make. It's good work if you can get it.

Carl Carlson said...

Reminds me off a headline from the Springfield Shopper in "The Simpsons" that read "Mayor Quimby to visit city today".

Anonymous said...

I actually had forgotten this....
When the city asked staff to establish a sister city relationship with Ataco, El Salvador, SCI informed the city that they already had a US Sister City relationship with the City of Fountain Hills, AZ. Therefore a cooperative agreement had to be signed by all city partners. Therefore we share this sister city with Fountain Hills, AZ.

Did we inquire during the search process if this could be the case in Nigeria ?

Anonymous said...

No more new houses unless they are custom homes on large executive lots.

WE don't have the water.

We are facing the worst drought in 560 years.

The 20th century was the wettest in a thousand years.

The water crisis alone should bring up the issue of a housing moratorium.

Elk Grove will never attract new businesses if it cannot offer executive housing.

All we have right now are bland cookie cutter subdivisions.

Any corporate site selector would come into town, look around for a day or two and leave.

What can Elk Grove offer? Cookie cutter subdivisions, strip malls, convenience stores, low income housing projects, dollar stores, vacant community (grocery anchored) shopping centers, fast food joints and other mediocre overpriced developments.

A water park in a residential neighborhood and pipe dreams of a $100 million soccer stadium will not attract national businesses.

At this point, all we can hope is that the State of California will move offices to Elk Grove due to the bottom end rents (highest office vacancy rate around).

Why not try to build a state prison where the mall is? At least a state prison will bring in high paid union jobs with good health benefits.

GIQ said...

Hey, ease up - you forgot to mention Gil Moore's McDonald's and beer cave where you can get amped on some Mickey's, Colt 45, Steel Reserve and Olde English 800. Now that is bound to make up for that executive housing. After all, what is better after a hard days work to crack open a quart!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:18 continues..

There is something very wrong with this....when the city decided on El Salvador as a sister city, it came before the city council on 01-14-09 & 10-28-09 (still searching for more dates). It appears a request had to be made to the SCI for approval.

Now all the info we have on Nigeria is it coming before the city council last month and council acting surprised...oh, let me know if we can help, blah, blah, blah. Invitation already hand delivered and the pots on to boil for some vittles. Now who handled all the applications, etc. that are required by the SCI, got approval from the city council, failed to get community input, paid for airfare to hand deliver, No idea where funds were coming from for the visit, maybe beg on the streets I guess. In fact, just blew the community OFF!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying he's coming?

Who authorized spending the money?

Let's serve Elk Grove's beverages of choice - "Mickey's, Colt 45, Steel Reserve and Olde English 800"

Wait until the media gets a hold of this one!

Sarah Johnson said...

This was in the Bee today and may not be relevant to this, but it is informative.

7 suspected Nigerian militants are arrested
The Associated Press
Published: Monday, Mar. 3, 2014 - 12:34 pm

ABUJA, Nigeria -- Nigeria's Department of State services says it has arrested seven suspected Islamic militants in connection with the killing of a pro-Western sheik who preached against Islamic extremism, his wife and their son.

The three, including Sheik Adam Albani, were shot dead on Feb. 1 in Kaduna state in northern Nigeria as they drove home from Albani's theology lecture.

Officials say he was killed because his "pro-Western posture and his preaching are contrary to the Boko Haram ideology." Boko Haram is an Islamic militia in Nigeria that has killed thousands of people in an insurgency that began more than four years ago. Officials said Monday the suspects are Boko Haram members from five different Nigerian states.

Boko Haram means "Western education is a sin," and Albani was known for encouraging his followers to seek Western education.

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

This is the Pacific Century.

Why are we looking at sister cities in the third world?

El Salvador?


What is next?

The Kingdom of Zamunda?

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